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November 04, 2010


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Paul Flynn

No Buster, I cannot get to the meeting. I have to be in the Commons for two crucial votes through to Friday. This is my job. I will arrange to get full reports of the meetings. This week I will welcome the Chief Executive and Leader of Newport Council to London for lobbying against the closure of M&S and the loss of 250 Passport jobs.

Unfortunately Buster your past comments show your claims have to taken with a large pinch of salt. As I have told you in the past, Labour's chances of winning in the next General Election is not in my thoughts. But I would be happy to take a serious bet on the result in 2015 in Newport whatever the seat will be called then or whoever the Labour candidate is. The Tory plan is for Wales to lose ten seats - one of those is likely to be in Newport


you didnt say if you will attend the meeting paul.

anybody who wants to attend is welcome.
the meeting is this thursday at 7.30 in the kings hotel newport.

my vat ,business rates and rent will all be increased for my shops next year and its very worrying.

my rents are going up by £60 per week
my business rates are going up 3k a year in my one shop and 1,800 in my other shop as well as the vat rise.

you are either dreaming or ignorant to the fact gerald that the situation we face as a country is not down to labours poor management whilst in office.

the reason labour werent re-elected was they wouldnt except they had done no wrong and in no way they were to blame for anything that had brought this country to its knees financially.

they are still swimming in that egyptian river de-nile.

i am in no way a conservative or liberal supported,i have lost faith in all politicians to be honest.
their all as bad as each other.

politicians remind me of pro wrestlers on tv.
they shout insults at each other while in the public eye but out of the spot light they go out to dinner and drink in the bars together.

as i said in last post,the next few years will show if paul is a good mp or not.

if just slinging insults is as much as paul can do,whats the point of having an mp?


Buster as you are concerned about Newport City Centre, how much damage to the retail industry will be caused by the rise in VAT next January? A tax rise that will not only hit the retail industry but have the greatest effect on the poorest and vulnerable in Newport and elsewhere.
Remember it is the Con-Dem coalition that is introducing this tax rise, and please don't reply with all the crap about the economic situation left by the last Government has made this rise necessary.
I hope Paul carries on opposing the actions of this Government that are clearly disastrous at home and abroad.

Paul Flynn

The peope of Newport have made their minds up about me since 1972 when I was first elected as a councillor Buster. The result in May this year was pretty emphatic.


i hope for the next 4 years your not just going to whinge about the coalition and afghan war.

its the easiest thing in the world to just critisise cameron and co.
what good is coming from your whinging on the afghan war?

you would be better off raising funds for the afghan people which would improve their situation in some small way.

i want to know how your serving your constituents and what your doing to improve newports plight.

there is a meeting at the kings hotel next thursday with am's,councillors/council staff,police,business people etc to talk about ideas that might help save newport city centre businesses.

we need you at the meeting paul and i couldnt understand why your name wasnt on the news letter advertising the meeting.

we need a strong mp who over the next 4 years is fighting for his city.
these next 4 years will show the people of newport if your a good mp or just a whinger riding the gravy train for your own good and taking us all for a ride.

Kay Tie

I feel for Dr. Fox. He has a lot of poop to scoop from the previous regime, including a culture of secrecy and spin.

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