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November 22, 2010


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James Wood

P.S. It is known as Flymaybe as it is so unreliable------forever cancelled and security is deplorable. We take a 4 hour ferry journey followed by an hour by road to get to Inverness if there is no urgency rather than a 40 minute flight from Stornoway Airport.

James Wood

You folks have evidently not gone through Stornoway airport. Appalling! Bristol sounds great.
We have no option as flybe has Stornoway all to itself and leases out to the antedeluvian Loganair.

Paul Flynn

There is widespread cynicism from my fellow travellers on the cause of cancellation. Some even believe that it is better value for Flybe to ferried passengers on to other flights. I would not be so cynical, but i will ask.

Ron Combo

Tom, I'm with you on Bristol Airport security. Even by the UK's unparalleled standard of jobsworths, the charming boys and girls at Bristol stand head and shoulders above all their national colleagues for pettiness and heavy-handedness.


Richard, did you actually read the whole post or did you just see "cancelled because of a 'technical fault.' and, if you'll forgive the phrase, switch onto auto-pilot?

It's fairly clear that Mr. Flynn's complaint is that the automatically-generated message he received was utterly inappropriate for the circumstances.


So, would you rather be flown on an unsafe aeroplane? Of course any sensible pilot would not fly that 'plane, so you would have a pair of fools on the flight deck too.

There are plenty of criticisms to make of the no-frills airlines (Flybe are as bad as BMI Baby who just charged me £12 for a debit card payment they paid 30p or less to clear, for example) but as a commercial pilot who has had to land an aircraft full of nervous passengers due to a serious technical fault it does exasperate me when people complain about unavoidable cancellations. Technical problems and weather can lead to serious hazards, hazards which can usually be avoided by careful and well-trained crew.

Better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than in the air wishing you were on the ground, as every pilot will tell you.


Ah, the joys of travelling Flybe, that website is a doozy - auto-ticking you some hold baggage three times out of four passes through the booking process and other add-ons popping magically onto your bill - so that you have to go around again to swat them - "technical probems" again no doubt.

Bristol Airport security, winners of my last week's in your face officious confiscators prize from the bowels of my laptop bag of a tube of toothpaste (v.small) and a 50cm length of black insulating tape which I could have restrained someone with.

The adventure and glamor of air travel eh?

Security screening is getting worse - understaffed with low wagers (kids + pensioners) and jobsworth nitpickers in management are resulting in long waits and high levels of frustration from travellers.

Israelify seems to be worth a try....

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