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November 25, 2010


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"..the poor are breeding new voters and rearing them in veal crates in marginal constituencies.."

That made me laugh out loud.

Though to be fair, although his turn of phrase (and presumably frame of mind) is deeply offensive, somewhere in that muddle of fear and loathing is an arguable point that benefit-life currently has an element of security to it that working-life (especially at the lower-paid end) lacks.

I don't suppose he'll consider that encouraging employers to provide secure low-skilled jobs for the poor might be the solution here, though. Let's hope IDS' proposals work out well.

Kay Tie

"neurosis that poor may be breeding new voters"

On the contrary, those with the neuroses about the breeding amongst the lower orders were the Fabians. The Left has a long ignoble history of eugenics.

All I can see is widespread unhappiness on the Left that their superweapons of accusing people of "racism" or "attacking the poor" have lost their potency.

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