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November 02, 2010


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I doubt this will cheer you up I'm afraid, Huw

Some bright spark thinks the solution to "clogged-up courts" is not more resources or more efficient procedures, but abolishing the right of trial by jury for "minor" offences. No matter that a conviction for a "minor" offence could ruin a person's life.



I for one, could care less about whether the government employs a photographer or not, except to note that with this government it may well be one of only a handful of jobs to be created rather than destroyed.
But it seriously does not matter, at all.

I found it much more concerning that our PM DC was said to be "exasperated and furious" at having to ditch the UK's 140-year-old blanket ban on prisoner voting.
Of course, the ruling requiring this came in 2004 so New Labour rather unsurprisingly ducked their responsibility there but the right to vote has to be the very foundation of a democracy and there is nothing that justifies the removal of that right from any individual citizen and anyone who doesn't get that point doesn't get democracy at all.

That New Labour did not get it was hardly surprising, that the Tories don't get it to the extent of being furious about it is sad.

I suppose it could be said they are playing it that way for the sake of their tabloid reading supporters who tend to howl at the concept of rights for anyone but themselves.
But it's still sad.


The Guardian reports today that "Lib Dem sources said that government ministers were considering introducing the [increase in tuition fees] measures via other routes than legislation, which could avert the flashpoint of a vote."

This seems profoundly anti-democratic.

Kay Tie

I'd have thought any photographer would be happy to be given the chance to photograph the Prime Minister without needing payment.

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