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November 20, 2010


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Kay Tie

"The stories are incredible"

Then that's just shocking. I get the feeling this is like the huge miscarriages of justice in the 1980s, with the system unable to admit that it jailed various completely innocent Irish people. The system wriggled to avoid the ultimate conclusion, making it so much worse in the end.

I am almost stunned. A quick google around shows that the BBC reported on this, that Camilla Cavendish as well as Christopher Booker have reported on this, and many MPs know about it. How can the Government react with such indifference? Why is there no attempt to follow up on reforming the justice system so these closed hearings are opened up to some sunlight?

This is a scandal on a par with the locking up of unmarried women who refused to give up their children, or the transportation of orphans to Australia. But it's a wickedness that we can't simply blame on the past ("we weren't enlightened then").

What can be done to end these injustices?

Paul Flynn

Thanks KayTie. I know this case because I know John Hemming well. I had a similar one in my constituency. The stories are incredible but partly the results of a situation where social workers are always blamed. In some cases their judgements are affected by the fear of trusting parents who may be innocent.

Kay Tie

Paul, do you have a comment on this:


Brooker has reported on a number of these cases, but the behaviour as reported is so appalling I find it difficult to believe (of course, this is usually how wicked things survive).

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