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November 15, 2010


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Kay Tie

"The Coalition could not resist abusing their power to gerrymander parliamentray seats."

Plus ├ža change.. It's the business of the government as usual. Your lot were no friends of democracy either, with your tacit support for ballot boxes stuffed with fraudulent postal votes.


" Mullah Omar in 1998 offered to hand Osama Bin Laden over to the United States in exchange for recognition of the Taliban regime."

And they didn't have to recognise the Taliban. In 1998 there were two jumbo jets on the tarmac of Kandahar airport filled with members of the Saudi security forces ready to receive Bin Laden from the Taliban and take him back to Saudi Arabia to almost certainly face the chop. Mullah Omar had been apparently beenmgetting annoyed by Bin Laden for a while. This was an offer rescinded at the last minute by the Taliban after US cruise missiles rained down on them.

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