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October 23, 2010


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Kay Tie

"The claim about Muslims in prisons is BNP crap"

I hope you're not referring to my comments. I actually read the HMPS report.

Paul Flynn

The claim about Muslims in prisons is BNP crap based on the belief that when you want to lie, you tell a whopper.

Air Force 1

Took me time to learn the whole guide, the report is wonderful however the feedback carry extra brainstorm suggestions, with thanks.

Kay Tie

"this is nothing new kaytie."

No, it's not. But what is new is the way the truth is starting to seep into the mainstream media (the New York Times!) and into the public consciousness.

"today,3/4 of the uks prisons are full of muslim men."

That's not true. In fact, it's so far from true that you must have got your numbers from some very odd sources. The figures I found from HMPS for 2003 are 8% and for 2008 it was 12%. This is much larger than the Muslim population as a whole (which in 2008 was 4%) but this is partly due to in-prison conversion to Islam (which in turn might be explained by the prison regime for Muslim prisoners).

I think you need to get a proper perspective on things. Numbers help to do this.


this is nothing new kaytie.
the drug and alcohol wars have always been against poor or minority people.
we all know the biggest dealers in the world are mainly rich white people yet our prisons are mainly full of poor white kids and minorities.the same as the usa.

stop and searches have always targeted poor white or minority people in deprived areas.
you will never see stop and searches in well of areas.

drugs are imported into this country by white rich drug dealers who are never arrested.
there are millions of tons of drugs imported yearly into the uk to fund the habits of millions of users.
how do poor people,poorly educated organise internationally the importation and distribution of drugs in the uk?
they dont.

like the usa poor people and immigrants have always been scapegoats for the distribution of drugs.

there are white rich people earning billions in this country from drugs yet they are able to live like royalty and hide this money from the tax man and law agencies.
this is only possible if allowed by the people who are supposedly fighting the war on drugs.

the only big dealers caught in the uk are from poor backgrounds or foreigners.

have you ever heard of a big pin getting caught who is white and well off?

howard marks is a prime example.
his main connections who enabled him to operate his drug empire were rich established familes from the uk who he'd met in university.they gave him everything he needed to operate nationally.

today,3/4 of the uks prisons are full of muslim men.
the last 10yrs the muslim society has been targeted by law agencies.
was this so we would see all muslims as criminals and not have a problem with what is unlawfully happening in iraq and afghanistan.
muslims have been demonised the last 10 years so we think all muslims are evil.
we have always made our enemy to be demons so we can conquer and control them.
we enslaved black people using this excuse.

uk law agencies are racist and even admit being so.

drugs allow government agencies and private companies budgets of billion to fight an unwinnable war.
so things will never change.

if drugs were legal they would lose this money and thats never going to happen

Kay Tie

Paul, a fascinating piece in the NYT on drugs. The social damage the law is doing there is horrendous. And the perverse incentives for the police is making it so much worse. They are calling it New Jim Crow Laws because of the disproportionate effect on poor Black and Hispanic people.


We have our own "softer" version of exactly the same thing here. It's almost enough to make you weep: a society turning on itself and ripping itself apart. For nothing.

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