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October 26, 2010


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Paul Flynn

No ideas on book sales, Reg Turnbull. It won't be big but it has been read by the people that I wanted to read it. All royalties for all my books and other additional income goes to charities so that I can concentrate on my main job.

Lastnight I had an evening meal with half a dozen MPs. 2 are new MPs who I have not met before. Both had read my book about How to be a backbencher. Their comments were ample reward for the efforttaken in writing the book. On that one too, I have no idea onsalse and I have not
heard from the publishers far at least a decade.

Reg Turnbull

A propos the Mail... how is your current book doing ? How many copies have you sold so far ?

Kay Tie

"But, amazingly, she appaers to be enjoying it. How long can it continue. She could win. The public would prefer to laugh at Ann that admire the real dancers. To think, she could have been the Speaker. "

Isn't it what she thinks that counts? If she's enjoying it, good luck to her. I'm sure she can rise above the bien pensant sneerers.

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