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October 31, 2010


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Paul Flynn

There is an intake of superb talent on the Labour side. They are also some very impressive new Tories and LbDem MPs.


Your mature coments about the new parliament are very welcome Paul; it makes a really nice change from name-calling and the cringe-worthy braying we see on BBC Parliament.

Richard T

Why can't we just leave the clocks to tell the same time all year round? I'd be happier with GMT as it is as near as possible 'natural' time with 12 noon at midday but I'd go along with BST as long as it was year round.

I admit to coming from a selfish perspective since it has always taken the best part of a week for my body clock to settle.

Kay Tie

"His record suggests he is shaping up to be the most incompetent bomber ever."

Or maybe those are just the decoy bombs, and he's really smart.

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