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October 28, 2010


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Mary Sullivan

beetee does, indeed, have a point but Buckingham already has 'the oxygen of publicity' in that he has a full page weekly column in which to express himself to thousands of readers in Newport and south-east Wales (and, yes, thousands do read his bile). In this case, he has blackened the name of Peter Hain with misinformaion. Are we supposed to just let it go unchallenged?


"The future of the local papers in south Wales is far from certain."

To use the Argus' favourite editorial opening line - it's not surprising*. The standard of writing in some of the features would embarrass a sixth former. The rest is just copy-paste from press releases.

"But we have no time for reports and calls for action which make out that everybody is drinking too heavily and causing problems."

Maybe it's just me, but I had to read that sentance 5 times before it made sense. Maybe that's what's putting their readership figures up.

*So why bother writing an editorial about it?

Paul Flynn

That's a fair point beetee. There is a danger. My way of treating this journalist is to never read a sentence he writes. All these quotations were sent to me by a correspondent. They are new to me. I react only where a constituent contacts me. I suppose there are people who read this stuff.

Paul Flynn

The Argus has justified its existence in the marvellous campaign to protect the jobs of the Passport Staff. I have had my problems with them in the past, but there is an overwhelming case for the advantages of a local newspaper. The future of the local papers in south Wales is far from certain.


Imagine somebody (Ned) being stuck on a desert island for Twenty years and denied all contact and communication with the modern world.

The one exception could be that somehow a daily copy of the Argus magically landed from the air .

Ned would be well informed about court cases , violence, thefts and robberies.He would know all about injuries to local sportsmen , how to get a date in Gwent, houses for sale and even obituaries.

For Twenty years Ned would have survived comfortably without any knowledge of news whatsoever.

Unlike the rest of us who watch the TV and use the net, Ned would be blissfully unaware of any political, fiscal, business, or environmental problems.


Rule number 1, do not , repeat , do not give these people the oxygen of publicity. sometimes it might be appropriate to write a personal letter ie not for publication , to the editor when a specific error has occurred or a breach of a code , but , in this case i wonder if it is worthwhile


Alas, the Argus is sadly outdated and increasingly irrelevant. I don't know anyone under the age of 50 who buys it regularly.

Once, I would have said that I'd miss it when it was gone - I never saw my nan's kitchen table without a copy on it - but it's become so amateur and hateful I think it's better off consigned to history.

Kay Tie

"I continues to amaze me that such a farcical character manages to get his guff published."

If he whined about cuts and "the poor" a bit more he could get a £100k/year job on the Guardian alongside Polly Toynbee and Johann Hari and all the other lazy columnists that can't even be bothered to check the most basic of "facts" they spew out.


Mike Buckingham is the worst excuse for a columnist in western Europe.

I continues to amaze me that such a farcical character manages to get his guff published.

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