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August 16, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Many, many thanks Ann. Marvellous to hear from you and even better to read your new poem. It's deserve a more prominent position on this blog. I will return to the subject later today. I hope life is smiling on you.

Ann Drysdale

The Dormouse Bridge

Nobody knows it’s for dormice,
the catenary over the road,
for although many people deplore mice
it’s erected especially for mice,
albeit not fieldmice and floormice
or even for my mice and your mice
(the invisible, secretive-spoor mice)
Its use is exclusive to dormice
(the dear little save-up-and-store mice,
the sleep-through-the-winter-and-snore mice,
the tiny, too timid to roar mice).
It’s there to enable the poor mice
to get into contact with more mice
on the opposite side of the road


This is a classic case of what presenter Chris Packham refer's to as the 'T-Shirt' species.
We invest Millions on anthropomorphic species while our own lifestyles help to diminish the rest.
Will spending 200K on a dormice bridge do any good for even dormice?
We should take into account the number of site serveys , visits by consultants, landowners, countless council employee's all increasing footfall pressure.
The exposure from the 'dewy-eyed' bimbo tv presenter's that then attract people to visit thinking they will see a nocturnal creature at lunchtime sommersaulting overhead like an acrobat.

During the survey's dormice boxes will all be disturbed, opened to check if any are there.Should one be unfortunate enough to exist it will be cuddled, weighed, measured etc then patted on the head ready for the next disturbance.

Surely it would be better not to disturb them, keep surveying to once every ten years,not expose on TV the locations of their fragile habitats and not to build a 200K bridge during a recession?

If RCT are interested in helping nature maybe they could look at their landuse policies intensive farming, brownfield destruction, greenbelt, housing.

All destructive not just to one single species but a multitude.

If we were at all serious about reversing declines in biodiversity perhaps we wouldn't keep cats that kill 60Million garden birds a year, or support supermarkets that help destroy nature. We might even stop flying planes around the world to get a sun-tan etc.........

It's one thing driving around with wildlife stikers on your car, it's another to adopt a wildlife friendly lifestyle.




Just be grateful it was ONLY £20K. The Peoples Republic of RCT paid £190K for theirs!

Kay Tie

But for those four months the mice would be reached out to.

Actually, I'd rather the mice had a bridge in perpetuity than four months of a prodnose reporting council employees to the police for telling Irish jokes.

Paul Flynn

And allow the dormice to be squashed Kay Tie? How heartless.

Kay Tie

TWENTY THOUSAND quid?!? You could hire a diversity outreach coordinator for four months for that amount of money.

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