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August 25, 2010


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David Walters

"he joined Plaid became an AM under the assisted places scheme"

"The assisted places scheme"?. Do tell


Good to hear that Mohammed Ashgar has worked his way up from the bottom


I think it would be easier for Labour to criticise the coalition with authority if they published their shadow budget. It's easy to say "They're doing bad" but what would Labour have done?

Paul Flynn

Shuuuush Kay Tie. You will give them ideas.

Kay Tie

"The increase of VAT would be better described as the ‘Pensioners’ Tax’ as it hits the poor proportionately harder than the rich."

Does it really?

VAT on a book, or a newspaper, or eggs, or milk? Zero.

VAT on a BMW 740d? £12,460.

Even if you try to take it in the totality, you still can't decouple this from the welfare system that is meant to compensate for VAT on essentials.

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