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August 14, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Patrick. I have always been optimistic. This book and others by the same author are impressive wake-up calls. The messages is one that difficult to resist. Healthier sustainable foods and reducing the threat of global warming.


Nice one PF

In the last 60 Years UK and USA agriculture (as directed by government policies) have given us

- degraded soils , down from 10% fertility to only 1% in some cases

- mineral deficient foods,complete with pesticide residues, it might look like an edible food but tests (in Tesco, Asda etc) show it to be so nutrient poor
as to be hardly worth eating

- Thanks to monsanto and ICI and their obscene artificial nitrates, herbicides, pesticides , and fungicides we have destroyed 97% of our meadows and associated flora/fauna, (to list one).

We are now entering a more intelligent phase using biological farming practises all we need now is for big pharma to stop marketing poisons , supermarkets to want to sell healthy food ,and politicians that are interested in health and the environment.

I'm not holding my breath!


'131 in a year'

These boys are being sacrificed. The government and army top brass does not care about them.


There are serious problems with native species which come down to pouring pesticides onto everything. The terrible sssumption is that these 'handy chemicals' are safe to use.

For example, the bee population appears to be hit by pesticides.

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