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July 13, 2010


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Americans will have to have a civil war or revolution based on poverty like in France or Russia before such an extreme system as has developed becomes tabu (like a strong currency is aboslutely necessary in Germany due to perceptiopn of inflation bringing down Weimar Republic for example).

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wew! that's quite a surprising, but glad to came across your site.


Thanks for the clarification Huw. I'm still absolutely disgusted that anyone could be callous enough to use the roof over a person's head as a means to punish them for failing to get a job in this climate.

Of course, you can't expect a Tory to think past the oft-uttered bleat of "Well, why don't they just MOVE?" but on the off-chance that one's reading this:

A lot of people can't afford to move. When I say "can't afford to move", I don't mean "are in negative equity" - I mean "have never been able to afford driving lessons and can't afford a removal van"; so if forced to move, they have the choice of abandoning their most valuable possessions (bedroom furniture, white goods etc) or going to a loan shark to pay the van man.

And, in case you were wondering, no - you *can't* take a fridge on a bus.

Thank you for providing the rant-space, Paul. I doubt it'll change anything, but at least I feel there's a slight chance someone who can do something about this is listening.


I don't think there is to be a 10% reduction in JSA and Housing benefit after 12 months.

I believe that for people who have been on JSA for 12 months there will be a 10% reduction in housing benefit.

It's a little surprising that Paul should be unaware of this.

Paul Flynn

First this member of the opposition has heard about this DG.


I just found out the government are going to reduce JSA and housing benefit by 10% for people who've been claiming for more than 12 months. The media seem to have hid it in the focus on the (sensible) £400 pound a week cap that affects a statistically insignificant proportion of claimants.

This is classic Nasty Party stuff, kicking people when they're down. Why not a whisper about this from the Opposition?

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