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July 23, 2010


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Paul, why would the UK pay compensation to Iraq? The government and military still insists that DU is safe.

The UK voted at the UN against even investigating the health problems caused by depleted uranium usage.


Unlike cluster munitions and landmines which are clearly going to cause indiscriminate harm to civilians and have been banned, the users of these weapons (the US and UK) can hide behind the fact that there is currently a lack of scientific investigation to prove the effects. In the meantime they obstruct any investigation and withold the information of just how much depleted uranium has been used and where.

The UK should warehouse its remaining stocks of these weaopons indefinately until the EU and UN can move ahead with its plans to carry out investigations.


It is frightful that Britain and America have dropped thounsands of tonnes of this poison. The plain fact is that the reports of greatly increased incidences of terrible cancers and birth defects are not a coincedence.

At the furthest extremity, you would still urge caution. This is NOT taken into account in the equation. Its a grim subject but I am not going to ignore it like the government and MoD would prefer.


It is defended by the MoD. And continues. The same has occurred in Afghanistan too. The results are stark and plain to anybody with a conscience. The reports are numerous, the proponemts have no inclination to pay any attention. The greatest crime of all.


Well Ad, to be fair, if you don't mind killing foreign brown people on purpose, why the heck would you object to killing those who managed to survive your assault, through carelessness.


It is a criminal act to use this stuff. The MoD considers it sufficient justification that it is a useful weapon, and therefore reasons that it could save the lives of British soldiers. That is it. No respect for the wellbeing of those who have no choice but to live with the terrible consequences.

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