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July 24, 2010


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Re: Debenhams

Perhaps it's a joke, like the reference to our new shopping centre.

Paul Flynn

I was puzzled about the reference to Debenhams. Had I missed something? You're correct Huw , I had not.


btw article in the Guardian today with information provided by wikileaks, apparently, US and UK et al have been lying about and covering up civilian casualties in Aghanistan, that is amongst those they are bothered to record in any way.

I know that is a shock, just take a deep breath and sit down for a moment.

The best bit I think is where the US compilers complained in relation to one group of killings
"Investigation controlled by the British. We are not able to get [sic] complete story."


They will be not notice the lack of Debenhams DG, as they will be so dazzled by the pound shops and blown away by the charity shops.


On Newport! Newport!:

Will it not be a tad embarrassing when fans start wandering around the place looking for the non-existant Debenhams?

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