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July 26, 2010


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Great Post Huw couldn't agree more.

This past Labour Government has pored blood onto all our hands that we should be eternally ashamed by. That it was a labour Government that did this is outrageous.


No one is suprised by the supposed revelations about the lies the governments have told.
Why would they be, the lies were so transparent that they were clearly scaffolding for the complete fictions that were then draped over them, what is truly telling is that so many accepted them as sufficient.

Six year olds tell better constructed and more plausible lies to get out of going to school or to stay up past their bedtime.
They do it because they won't get what they want if they aren't believed.
Our government's had populations who would happily sit back as long as there was so much as a notional justification or even the slightest chance of denying that they knew.

If Obama had refused the Nobel peace prize or even closed Guantanamo as promised there might be some possibility of considering him less of a murdering scumbag than Bush, Bush's handlers,his shoelace tiers and his bumwipers or Blair.

But Obama didn't refuse a peace prize that he knew he had no business accepting whilst engaged in two separate wars of choice.
He didn't close Guantanamo, exactly why Paul do you find his certainly more polite and well spoken but still pathetic lies any better than those spouted by the moronic puppet Bush.

Of course the truth is a threat to the rogue state that is the U.S. and by extension a threat to the scum who can tolerate our continued participation in the most serious crimes of this century.

There are groups of people planning to protest against the visit of the Pope to this country because of the pathetic manner in which the Catholic church, dealt with clergy who sexually abused children.

Our actions have caused the deaths and maimings and misery and probably at least some sexual abuse of many tens and hundreds of thousands of children.
People will say I am wrong, but for some reason I find this more heinous, more evil and more wrong.
I am ashamed that what taxes I paid helped to fund this, I am ashamed that so many people happily voted for people who supported it and continued it and would continue these crimes.
I am ashamed to be represented by people who don't put clear distance between themselves and the criminal perpetrators.

I have truly had enough of the excuses and the weasily way in which this is supposed to be no ones fault with the exception of a handful of Americans and a couple of Brits.

If we had lived in Saddam's Iraq we would genuinely have had no impact on his regimes actions against others. But we didn't and don't, we live in democracies and we share responsibility, all of us.

When those of us with children are someday asked what we did to make the world a better less cruel place, we can say, sorry kid we honestly couldn't be arsed, here lets have a game on the playstation, OH FANTASTIC we can play a first person shooter set in a current war.
This is civilisation son.

Paul Flynn

Bush kept public opinion docile by banning press coverage of the body bags returning from Afghanistan. Obama is more transparent. It's amazing that the US is blaming the exposure of the truth on the futility of the war as a threat to the state.

Paul Flynn

Thanks you Kevin. Good to hear of the Welsh baseball teams on Sunday. Well done. The venue was well off-piste for me.


""No wonder our actions have radicalized so many against us"

I'd be interested to hear your views John, on which of our actions you think radicalised the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks"

That you should even ask such a question suggests maybe a blinkered bias towards our actions in the world. Sure 2 wrongs do not make a right but the blood on our hands is there for all to see if we have the eyes to see it.

Please look beyond what our Governments want us to see. These leaks are a perfect example of how we are lied to by our Government. The first step to any sanity in this world is question everything you are told by our political masters. The time of our arrogant superiority over other nations and peoples is surely over. Our killing of innocent civilians and then to attempt to cover this up exposes us as being as morally bankrupt as those we call terrorists.

Kevin Ward

Off topic, I know, but I'm sure Paul will be interested to hear that the Wales U12, U14 and U16 baseball teams all inflicted innings defeats on their England opponents in Liverpool on Sunday.
I believe the men's 'B' team also won on Saturday though I was only in attendance at the youth internationals watching my son play for the U16s.


"which of our actions you think radicalised the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks?" DG

Do you really need people to list off all the reasons Britain and the US have given people from the middle east to hate them and want to do harm back.

Take your pick, from overthrowing the secular democratic government of Iran, installing their own dictator to finally punishing Iran for overthrowing that regime, which was not just limited to providing material support and intelligence to that most wonderful of men, Saddam Hussein in his unwarranted aggression against Iran. Supporting the Saudi ruling families and many other things before we even get to the incredible bias towards the state of Israel no matter what they do to others, and of course no matter what nuclear weapons they have.

And going back, of course, we supported the Afghan's in resisting the Soviets, not because we were on their side but because we were against the Soviets as was evidenced by our near complete abandonment of them when the Soviets left.

In short, we didn't and still don't treat the vast majority of the people of the middle east and neighbouring countries as people, we treat them as things, counters, playing pieces and have done for a long time.
And treating people as things, is what one very wise, albeit fictional woman defined as Sin.

What did we do?
Many of us individually did nothing of course.
And as another fictional character from the same author said that our doing nothing is how we harmed them.


'I'd be interested to hear your views John, on which of our actions you think radicalised the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks?'

It is the actions of American governments and foreign policy you need to look at, not yours or Johns.


"No wonder our actions have radicalized so many against us"

I'd be interested to hear your views John, on which of our actions you think radicalised the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks?


Shame and disgust is what I feel for our Government who have caused this needless slaughter and loss of innocent lives that seems to be so common place that its not worth mentioning. They deny us the truth to save their own face while human lives are the cost for their vanity.

No wonder our actions have radicalized so many against us. Who can blame them for not wanting to stop this madness. We will be paying for this ghastly mistake for generations.

George Bush spread evil around the world and we are still following in its wake.


The US military is assessing the 'damage' done by wikileaks.


'The White House condemned the leak as a possible threat to national security.'
The military can't have opposing narratives challenging them. If there is a threat to 'national security' we better just switch off the internet or sabotage it so that we can have a nice government and military friendly alternative.

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