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June 24, 2010


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You, I trust. Your views are clear and based on principal, even though I disagree with them on occasion.

David Milliband though? What exactly does he stand for, apart from wishy-washy words like "fairness" and "progressive" that can mean a hundred things to a hundred people?

I'd like to see each of the contenders publish a fully costed "Shadow-budget" to make a fair comparison with what the coalition are doing now.

Paul Flynn

No DG. David is the best hope of Afghanistan. I know it's not obvious. but I have had many conversations with him on this. He listens changes his mind when presented with good evidence and acts accordingly. Trust me. David will not let you down.


"When will the British public express their anger?"

When it makes the slightest bit of difference if we do so.

Perhaps you might consider expressing your anger at Iraq (and the damage done to the core values of the Labour party) by withdrawing your support for David Milliband and giving it to someone who supports your views?

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