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June 11, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad and Huw. Vaccines have saved millions of lives and have been one of the great achievements of medical science. I have been approached by the anti-all vaccines brigade and rejected their views. In this case GSK told Poland that they would not compensate for adverse reactions to the AH1N1 vaccine because the trials had been less thorough than usual. the Polish Government were asked to cough up. They refused to buy the vaccine and suffered fewer deaths per million than we have had.

The recriminations are yet to come. The WHO are mainly responsible but there will be national rows in each of COE's 47 countries. I believe the Cabinet Office's report in the UK may well defend the Government's lavish and unwise purchase of vaccines that will never be used. Other countries will defend their own decisions. I do not want the truth to be obscured between the national and international recriminations. The WHO must defend itself or admit a gross exaggeration and change their relationship with Big Pharma.


" National Government had little choice. They would have been damned if they panicked and damned if they did not. It took a brave country like Poland to defy the scare of the WHO."

Can't really have it both ways Paul,
either the government was damned if they did or damned if they did not
Or a country with actual leadership and sense was quite capable of taking a sensible stance.

It's a little like the Iraq war,
sufficient information to make the right decision was available, but the government, paralysed into inaction allowed a plan drawn up for a genuine crisis to continue its automatic and unnecessary process regardless.

The danger you face on this Paul, is that a lot of people champing at the bit for a declaration that there was a conspiracy of drug companies are people who firmly believe that all vaccinations are part of a conspiracy, involving not just drug companies, but national governments, centres for disease control, WHO and multiple UN bodies.

Keeping reality and fantasy apart is something you may find a tricky line to tread.


Well done Paul. I think the government got this totally wrong and I respect you for standing up and telling them. Why does the government so readily throw up everything to sheer chance or ignorance?

It is a worthwhile project which has implications for countries outside our own. Some will dismiss it or ‘hear of this matter another time’. Their opinion or approval does not count. If they want to argue against themselves and not fix the problems or aknowledge the mistakes it is on their own heads.

Keep on saying what needs to be said, you are in the right and nobody is going to prove otherwise.

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