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June 30, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. Very instructive links. the war is moving from tragedy to farce.


why aren't there more m.p's protesting about this futile war. I can't understand it. Anyone who reads the reports from various newspapers and television can see that we are losing our soldiers on a daily basis and the politicians today are talking about being there for another 4/5 years. It beggars belief and in the end the Taliban will be back there and Karzai will probably end up exiled in London or Washington.


I guess Americans DO get irony. They call the Colt .45 the "Peacemaker," too.


Tony Blair wins 2010 Liberty Medal award for work on peace.

Words simply cannot express.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Ad. I heard a radio report on this in the early hours of the morning. I had already tabled the EDMs above. there is a great deal of new information to raise a few other EDMs. on Monday David Cameron accused me of over-stating the case on the abysmal state of the Afghan Army. Those words will be eaten.

There were no names of the fallen read toady at PM questions. this is a sneaky move. I will raise it in a point of order next week. I know have I have one ally in a high place.



Conceit and delusion has led the proponents of this war to the belief that they are doing the right thing and working towards progress. They are fighting a war in a foreign country against what is a widespread popular insurgency. It is a lie to say that this war is crucial for our security. The Taliban will never attack us in our own cities.

It seems evident that the political and military leaders of this war are not about to come to their senses. They believe and promote lies to reassure themselves and others that NATO will be victorious.

This article looks at how the recent change in personnel of Gen. McChrystal for Gen. Petraeus as US commander in Afghanistan ‘presages a drastic increase in the level of US military violence, and especially the scale of civilian casualties among the Afghan population.’


This one looks at reports relating to the competence and reliability of NATO’s partners, the Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army. The words of those who say the ANP and ANA are making substantial progress have been cast into doubt by a report yesterday from the United States Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). The measurements NATO has been using to justify its claims have been shown to be deeply flawed.


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