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May 28, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Thanks John. I agree with all that. I have been along to tese festivals. My singing was not a hit.


So again all political parties have been led by the moral hypocrisy of the redtops re mephodrone.The Police seriously overstepped the mark in their pronouncments over linking the drug to the deaths. Really we should have an enquiry as to why our government continues to criminalise millions of our young citizens for taking a drug less dangerous than alcohol. Moreover by banning this drug they actually increase any dangers by increasing the possibility of contaminents.

Even though I am nearly 50 I love to go to raves and have a dance. I find mixing with young people energising and stimulating. They are very welcoming and open to what must be to them an old man twice their age.

They almost all do some sort of illegal drug...I hasten to add my drug of choice is organic cidre probably far more dangerous than many of the drugs they use.Only last night we were talking about the mephadrone ban. Prices have shot up from around £10 a gram to last nights asking price of £30 although finally it sold at £20. The pills that were for sale were £2 but containing so little active ingredients that many have to be taken to get a "buzz"It is only a matter of time before the huge profits to be made from the mephadrone ban start to affect quality.

This image of drug crazed youngsters close to death which is the world the tabloids scare us into believing is just not true.For the most part these young adults are just having a good time hurtung noone. I find the atmosphere at these outdoor underground festivals to be open and friendly.

I wish amybe some of our politicians could go along to one of them and see that for the most the use of illegal drugs is no big deal, WHere it does get dangerous is when drugs of unkown strength and adulternats are peddaled but this is what our Governemnt by its polices encourages.

Kay Tie

"A new expenses scandal involving the angelic David Laws and £40,000 is a monumental embarassment. It cannot be easily spun into an innocent error. Will this the first chance for a constituency to recall its MP?"

Doesn't look good but there are two sides to every story and I have only heard the one side. Actually, I just read his statement and it puts a reasonable case forward. Could be spin, of course.

Whatever happens it can't be as bad as hearing a Glaswegian MP explaining why he claimed stationery payments to staff..

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