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May 23, 2010


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I'm not in the slightest bit suprised that David Milliband has told us that "it's time to move on" over Iraq.

'We should all just push aside the millions of deaths , cover ups, and lies and vote in another Blair do a like so that we can do it all again some day.'

I was not suprised either that Clare Short and the late Robin Cook were the only ministerial dissenters as the New -Labour puppets put their careers before people's lives.

I wasn't even suprised that as innocent civilians were being stealth bombed at night ,killing babies in their beds ,that up would pop Blair to lecture us about christianity.

What i am suprised about is the anti-war backbencher should support this right wing Blairite.

No doubt it's because it's the only way to get Labour back into office.

If the only way Labour can re-gain power is to appoint another Tory leader, butter up the right wing press and appease the right wing middle England then What is the point of the party?


LOL, hardly a surprise you supported him Paul, you signalled it quite clearly already.

"David Miliband defended the decision to topple Saddam Hussein today as he praised the millions of Iraqis who defied violence to go to the polls.

The Foreign Secretary suggested that the 2003 invasion had strengthened Britain's reputation in the Arab world"


What an intelligent boy he is, perhaps he can be the next middle eastern peace envoy.

So he voted for the war, voted against any investigation to it, is for replacing trident, for id cards, for 90 day detention without charge or trial, supports new nuclear.

What is it swung it for you Paul, that he is telegenic for a politician and voted to ban fox hunting?

As far as I can see, he stands for everything that I despise about New Labour and so there is no change, and no chance of the Labour party recovering itself or redeeming itself.

I know you were fairly clear already Paul, so I am not really surprised but for some reason cannot help but feel a tad disappointed in you.

Bet that will make you lose sleep

Chris Carter

Good to see your support for David Miliband Paul!


Excellent analysis. Having read a number of political books - latest Andrew Rawnsley (birthday present) I would never - ever- ever support Ed Balls. I look forward to seeing your name tomorrow. For me, I think David Miliband is by far the best candidate. I will be devastated if he does not win the election.

(I will be buying your book but not for a few months. I buy so many books that I tend to wait until the price drops!)

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