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May 26, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Thanks for those comments. i will put my speech on today's blog. There must be point in the near future when common sense breaks through.

Sadly it may be the deaths of a large group of soldiers that will spark public anger. Until then parliament is out of step with public opinion. We cannot continue much longer. The best outcome is deal between Karzai, the warlords and the Taliban. It will not be good. The choice is between several bad outcomes. But a deal will recognised reality and we can end our futile attempt of reform imposed by military might.

Patrick, I am relaxed about my nomination of David Milliband. I intervene on his speech yesterday to make a point that our views are not the same. Soon I will be blogging on David's new campaign blog to emphasise what I have said here about my decision. I have avoided any negative campaigning against other candidates. But today's announcement that John McDonnell has the backing on only four MPs so far including Frank Field who is barely in the party and the Kate Hoey who recently celebrated the loss of good Labour MPs including Nick Ainger, thanks to the Countryside Alliance.



Fully support the above blog.

Can you remind the readers why you are supporting man that will do it all again?

Quotes from DM

Mr Miliband accepted that there was a “balance sheet” on Iraq, with death and destruction having to be weighed against its new religious and political freedoms and economic hope.

When asked what impact the Iraq war had had on Britain's reputation overseas, the Foreign Secretary said the UK was still held in high regard. “Even those [Arab countries] who disagreed with it say that you have sent a message that when you say something , you mean it',” he told the inquiry.

He said that the “wrong lesson” to draw from the Iraq war would be that Britain should “leave international involvement to others… that we are better off retreating into ourselves”.


Whilst I applaud your taking this issue on and demanding answers I do have to join with others in questioning whether David Milliband would be a good party leader or prime minister. Milliband might agree with your views on this subject in private, but he is not willing to say as much on record. Therefore I would count that against his suitability.


Liam Fox has clearly stated that the only concern of British involvement is that it should protect Britain. It would in fact benefit Britain to withdraw. 9/11 or 7/7 are not relevant justifications for this, there is nothing achieved for the sacrifices made.

Blair and Brown have gone. Can the new goverenment behave in a more justifiable manner? We must face the reality of the consequences of British foreign policy. Previous British governments have been the enablers of American imperialism by acting as their staunch an unquestioning supporters. Blair was a key propagandist in support of the Iraq disaster.

I think the new government is more promising than Gordon Brown and David Milliband were. There appears to be no commitment to new offensives such as the one proposed on Kandahar over the summer season by the Americans.

We know from Iraq that American governments have behaved despicably in trampling on other countries. I don't wish to recount the abominations of the Bush regime, but Blair, Brown and indeed Milliband have no defence in my opinion for actively and forcefully offering them 'legitamacy' and 'credibilty'.

It is not letting the troops down to demand we stop throwing people into this geo-political, military-industrial complex engineerd quagmire. Supporting them is treating them as valuable workers who have an honorable place in society rather than throwing their lives away.

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