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May 25, 2010


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Oliver S.

"The winners slumped like losers. The losers strutted like winners"

What are you smoking, Paul, and where's Gordon Brown ?


Please Paul, if it's not too late, please reconsider your decision. I understand that you want the Labour party to be united, and I'm sure David Miliband is a lovely bloke in private; but please consider what message it sends to the country about whether the party really has learned from the past.

Promoting a man who had a very big hand in making the mistakes that hang heavy on the party's conscience (that part of the party that *has* a conscience, anyway) is surely not the way forward. While you and others were risking your careers by being intelligent and vocal about the things that were going wrong - and I don't just mean Iraq - he was silent, biding his time and minding his career path. Or, perhaps more charitably, he was unable to see the problems, which means he's nowhere near as intelligent as you think. Are you really going to reward either a/ that kind of behaviour or b/ that lack of judgement?

Kay Tie

"The winners slumped like losers. The losers strutted like winners. "

"There are no tanks in Baghdad!"

Paul, calm down. You've got a battle to fight for your party, and you should do it quietly within your party, not spout this utter nonsense in public. Go and have your civil war.


I hope you mentioned to Blue Tree that you will be supporting the war puppet Milliband for leader of the party.
Mr 'Time to move on' David has not said a word about the millions of death's, his only regret is that it cost the party votes.

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