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May 27, 2010


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Paul Flynn

You should have read other speeches I have made. This is the ten minute version. I commend the debate that went on for a hour and a half last year. It dealt with Nato's 'ethical corruption' in which bribery on an industrial scale has been introduced into Afghanistan. Pallets of bubble-wrapped $100 dollar bills are distributed to buy compliance with Nato's doomed policies.

Thanks for noticing that I helped keep a toilet open against the decision of he foolish pantomime horse Newport coalition of Tories and Lib-Dems.


everything you accuse the afghans of they probably learnt from us.

paul have you forgotten about british politiians taking back handers and making false expenses claims.

how many politicians are criminals or have criminals in their family. drug dealers,theives,money launderers,fraudsters etc

some politicians have even done time in prison.

do we have a police force free of corrupt officers? no

do we have soldiers using drugs and doing things their superiors say they shouldnt be doing [like torture,stealing,rape and taking bribes]

your trying to rewrite history,wash the blood from your governments hands and put the blame elsewhere.
you to demonise the afghani leadership,army and police when its a case of just a few bad apples which the west foisted on the afghani people.

why not do something positive for our troops or the afghani people.
can't you be constructive or are you just a whinger and your abilities only amount to keeping a public toilet open

by lying your party/government has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people as well as thousands of coalition troops.

you know your party by sucking up to george bush created all the problems we face in afghanstan.

as i see it your just whinging to clear your conscience,sleep at night and get your anti war protester votes.

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