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April 17, 2010


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Kay Tie. Sorry my dear, but because of the erosion of civil liberties by the Labour Government under the guise of anti-terrorism, any march on parliament will result in your arrest as a terrorist.

lol, bring a camera as well! You'll get even more attention from the police for that!

Thank God Labour is being given an almighty slap across the face. I remember months ago contesting Paul's opinion about a genetic database and ID cards, which seeming had fallen on deaf ears. But the economy and civil rights abuses was the cherry on the top of the delicious scandal-corruption mountain.

Don't get me wrong, the only thing worse than Labour are the Tories. Eternally for some.

Paul Flynn

Tut. Tut" KayTie, only the truth always. I have campaigned for 30 years for a reformed voting system. If the early post debate polls remain an accurate (they probably will not) the result will be the absurd one I indicated. Incredibly the Tories in Wales are against PR.

Kay Tie

Anyway, aren't you getting a little presumptuous about your impending victory by posting here before May 7th?

Kay Tie

"If this is the situation on May 6th, politics has metamorphosed- perhaps for ever. "

Yes, because if Labour came third yet had the most seats and tried to rule over us, we'd march on Westminster and hang you by your scrawny necks.

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