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April 05, 2010


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We as a country should not about-face abroad from what is actuality done in our name. How can you apprehend of NATO advisedly misrepresenting a case area 8 accouchement area abject out of their bed and accomplished for annihilation and not be angry?


Like many others, I feel revulsion, and am shamed by the deaths of civilians in these wars "against terrorists".....
Is it not time that the killing of women and children should be reason enough to withdraw and offer humanitarian assistance to these poor people.
As for "our soldiers"......, it does seem that many of the ones killed are but lads in their teens and twenties, merely cannon fodder, without whom the makers of tanks, weapons and aircraft would be unable to make a profit.

Kay Tie

WikiLeaks has put a video up of the killing of Reuters staff and civilians in Iraq by a helicopter gunship:


It's 17 minutes long and worth watching right the way through. What a mess. An awful mess. Did Tony Blair have an inkling that this would be the day-to-day result of deploying an army to a foreign city, or did he simply not care? Was it an "acceptable price" to be paid?


This whole endeavour has gone too far to be dismissed as unimportant. I find the whole thing a horrible shame upon our nation. This abuse of foreign people cannot continue.

We as a country should not turn away from what is being done in our name. How can you hear of NATO deliberately misrepresenting a case where 8 children where dragged out of their bed and executed for nothing and not be angry?


'In the service of this chaos our soldiers are dying.'

So are many thousands of Afghan civilians. The actual human cost of this confused and futile endevour is grossly understated.

Kay Tie

Alastair Darling already admitted to the Treasury Select Committee that the NI rise would cost jobs. The question is are these an acceptable price to be paid for Labour's economic policies?

I'm sure you don't want to tell your unemployed constituents that they must lose their jobs so that Equality Programme Directors and Real Nappy Officers can keep spending millions. But if you're honest you must tell them this is a direct result of electing you.

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