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March 22, 2010


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Just a thought ..
Hoon et al have been suspended from the Labour party ..
..but we're told there is no sign in inpropriety
So, which is it? Or have they been convinced by the court of public opinion?

Kay Tie

"It's Classic Socialism minus the greed, sleaze and failed concepts."

Doesn't sound like there's much left then!

Can you point me at a PDF of the book where I can read it online?

Paul Flynn

I'm afriad this is going to be (more)boring. New Socialism is described in the 100,000 words of my new book. It's Classic Socialism minus the greed, sleaze and failed concepts.

Kay Tie

"new Socialism will emerge"

What's New Socialism then?

Paul Flynn

Not can I see much wrong with David Amess or his speech. I do not believe that any of those in this list are crooks. They were foolish not to may decalarations.

Paul Flynn

Thanks for your contributions. The key phrase in this nightmare may be 'making peoples headaches last longer'

One bright spot is that this is NEW Labour sleaze. Pat Hewitt did say 'Gordon does not like that sort of thing'. She was talking of lobbying hospitality.

Out of the debris of NEW Labour, new Socialism will emerge. That's the hope in the final paragraph oh my new book.


PS - love the daily mash link Kay Tie gives above - though astrangely there is a bit in there which seems not to be satire but true - they also claim

"former health secretary Hewitt told a paracetamol company she could make everyone's headaches last longer"

She has always had that effect on me at any rate.


I've read David Amess's debate on the Maldives, and while it might not comply with the rules, I can't see it as much more than an oversight. He sets out the visit pretty clearly, lists the various Government people he spoke to, and sets out the problems the country faces - asking the Mininster to respond. He was hardly bribed by secret hosiptality. I imagine Norman Baker's and Andrew Dismore's debates would read similarly.

Obviously an MPs first duty is to their constituency, but we are surely not so insulated from international affairs that we do not also want MPs to look at problems overseas - human rights, climate change, refugee problems etc. Does this scandal mean they will fee they can't?

I think there have been some despicable abuses - look at Margaret Moran on Dispatches last night offering herself for a job while her office told constituents she was ill and couldn't help them. Had we had a recall law which let her constituents force her to fight an election she would have been kicked out of Parliament when the first expenses scandal broke. Because we don't they were left represented by a woman who felt free to go on abusing the system for over a year more - and will get a fat pay-off when she does step down.

Going on about a few MPs who openly said - if not on the right form - that they had made foreign visits seems a sideshow.


"We have the technology to hold round the globe meetings from our lap tops."

They could use chat roulette.
Merton might improvise a song about us.

But I'm really looking forward to international relationships being managed on Facebook.

Britain has joined the UN network.
Britain is in a relationship with USA
USA has changed relationship status to
it's complicated.

Pakistan has poked India

Taiwan status update, I want to join UN network
100 countries like this
China comments,
why isn't there an unlike button.


No doubt there a loads more scandals that will never be brought to public attention.

Everybody knows how the public sector operates. politicians have for years been flying around polluting the planet , staying 5 star, to attend 'vital' meetings at public expense.

We have the technology to hold round the globe meetings from our lap tops.


Kay Tie

Oh but does the Daily Mash have it spot on with Hoonbyehewimorangate:

"The scandal could damage Labour's election campaign by undermining the party's hard-won reputation as wise and principled public servants who have always put the country before their own political or financial interests."


Are we getting to the level of resignedness that Italians have reached in letting Berlusconi hold on to office?

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