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March 24, 2010


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Apologies for any personal offence taken.

Chris Gale

Patrick, this is not pot noodle stuff, it takes a lot of time and incremental advances. As I say the hunters know they are on borrowed time, for all their bluster they know this election is their last chance. I am not living in cloud cuckoo land as you rather rudely put it, I am a campaigner on this who works very hard and knows how much progress we have made. We are now at a crucial moment in this battle which is why the hunters are ploughing millions and loads of people into the marginal seats. I too see the hunts out each week but instead of thinking how bad it is I plan for the demise of their law breaking and to beat them one step at a time. If we prevail at the coming election they will implode because they are in the last chance saloon. I hope you will not be rude again.Thanks


I appreciate your words Chris but your examples of the law working are very weak.

A handful of arrests over the entire country
while weekly hunts continue to flourish throughout the countryside.

Every Wednesday , out come the trikes, the green clothing, the hounds, horses and huntsmen.

For anyone to think this law is working, is at best complacent , and at worst, living in cloud cuckoo land.


"In this case, Liddell-Grainger had given an inaccurate account of what happened and given the impression that the Conservative Members had all along opposed the hearing when in fact Charles Walker had supported or acquiesced in it - "

Be fair Paul, New Labour muscled into Tory territory in the first place, surely it is only right for the Tories to be able to demonstrate that they are intent on seizing back all those things that made them so well loved the last time they were in power.
Two faced deception can not just be the territory of New Labour, it is right at the soul and centre of Conservatism and that has to be signalled clearly before the election.

Still, their alliance with the UUP is going well so far, when you add all the Tory seats together with all the UUP seats, you get exactly the same as the Tory seats without the UUP, impressive stuff.

Chris Gale

Paul, this came out yesterday. Patrick if the law was not having an impact the hunters and their tory allies would not be so desperate to get it repealed. These things take time to work and cruel and poweful people (like the slave traders) will always hold out for as long as possible. If we keep the Act past the election by keeping Labour in then the hunters will be sunk and they know it. Have more faith, we are winning which is why they are spening millions trying to overturn the ban. Do not forget also that the Waterloo Cup hare coursing event is no more.

More hunters charged shows Hunting Act “alive and well”, says charity

A leading animal welfare charity has described the legislation banning hunting with dogs as “alive and well”, after more than a dozen cases of illegal hunting have come to light in recent weeks.

Richard Down, Master of the Quantock Staghounds has been charged by Avon & Somerset Police with an offence under section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004. The alleged offence took place on what is thought to be National Trust land, adjacent to a League Against Cruel Sports sanctuary in September.

Meanwhile, Mr Robinson, terrierman of the Ullswater Foxhounds has been charged by Cumbria Police with an offence under section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004 and has been bailed to appear at Penrith Magistrates Court on 9th April. The alleged offence took place in October 2009 and the body of a dead fox has since been subject to a post mortem examination.

Evidence in both cases was obtained by covert hunt observers working for the League Against Cruel Sports. A spokesman for the charity said that a further nine cases were in progress.

“We are delighted to see the police taking allegations of Hunting Act offences seriously. Avon & Somerset Police currently have two cases, and there is one each in North Yorkshire and the East Midlands. We have a further five cases at the preparation stage,” said Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive of the League.

“The suggestion from the pro-bloodsports lobby that the Hunting Act is unenforceable is clearly nonsense,” he said. “Our covert observers are visiting the length and breadth of the country to keep tabs on the activities of hunts. We are delighted with the cases so far this season and will continue our work to bring those who abuse our wildlife to justice.”

The League runs a ‘Hunt Crimewatch’ service through which the public can report instances of hunt related crime.


"But deliberately re-introducing gratuitous cruelty would be big step backward for animal welfare."

As the practise of foxhunting has not ceased , how can it be re-introduced?

Secondly, if animal welfare is what it's all about why do the police allow it to continue?

As somebody that has himself phoned the police having witnessed a hunt (since the ban) i know what is done about it..... Nothing!

Paul Flynn

Banning the use of mobile phones in cars has been successful. Few do. The realisation of how distracting that is recognised by more drivers.

Of course, the Hunting Act is not universally respected. But deliberately re-introducing gratuitous cruelty would be big step backward for animal welfare. It would say that the nation believes that inflicting pain on animals for fun is legitimate. I do not believe that is what the country wants.


Been through the budget and I'm just curious about if you are proud of what was put forward yesterday Paul?

Taxes up - as we knew they had to but where was were the spending cuts? - £11bn is just not enough ..

No view on reducing the structural deficit we have - you know, just for a second when Darling said that we were in the worst recession for 60 years that just maybe here was someone who might treat the electorate as adults

Fat chance ! It was utter cowardice what he did yesterday. And this is not about the Tories - this is about a party in government without the balls to do what is required to sort out the economic fix we are in - just delay and delay. Brown is just such a good leader .. yeah right ..

Portugals credit rating was taken down yesterday , we are paying 4 basis points more on our borrowing, where we are borrowing to pay back previous debt (what happened to borrowing to invest ? - or was that just another Brown soundbite that meant nothing..) and Darling has the neck to say that things are better because we will borrow £11bn LESS this year - but missing the point that its STILL £160bn +

- and then revises he growth forecast down to 3.25% - when the long term trend growth of the UK economy is around 2% - so if we grow at that speed then that wil increase inflation ...

Mind you that's basic economics - soemthing that Brown and Darling obviously don't understand

This was a missed opportunity - I don't vote for cowards


"There is real lively interest in stopping the Tories from legalising the cruelty prohibited by parliament."

The above prohibition has been about as sucessful as banning of using mobile phones in cars.

"Three quarters of the nation are against bringing back the torment of the chase and kills into hunting."

This 'ban' has populised and radicalised hunting leading to more hunters and more foxes being killed.

Whilst I am firmly behind ending this barbarism this legislation is a joke.

Every week hunts are taking place around the countryside , should the police be notified, nothing whatsoever is done about it.

Your claim that the Tories will bring back cruelty is like saying the Tories will bring back rain.

It used to rain ,Labour have tried to ban it but sadly it's still raining but please everyone don't vote Tory because they intend to make rain legal again.

It was a worthwile piece of legislation. sadly it never followed through with action.

It might have something to do with the fact that many police, vets, solicitors , doctors and magistrates still hunt.

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