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March 31, 2010


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Paul Flynn

We have had this argument before. This is the first time that either of the two major parties have opted for any system but first past the post for General Elections. Both have benefited from a system that cheats other parties and the principles of democracy. That is progress.


A sudden decision to have a referendum on the completely naff alternative vote system is hardly a commitment to start on the path to a decent PR system, it isn't even on the path to the awful list based pr system.

Paul Flynn

Not true DG. Challenges from Green candidates mean that other candidates do not have to make concessions to green issues because those votes are lost anyway. If we had a system of PR, it would make sense for all parties to accumulate votes. Labour is committed to start on the path to PR.



Can anyone explain to me how on earth a 6 foot officer of the law is able to slap a tiny little woman around like a red-headed stepchild - and call it "self-defense"?

Seems to me that protesters have a lot more reason to be frightened of the police than the police have to be frightened of them. This is an absolute travesty. No jury in the land would have let that go, which I suppose is why there's no trial by jury in such cases.


"the best hope is to 'green' the parties that will wield power."

Very true, but the best (perhaps the only) way to 'green' the parties in power is to keep them worried about losing seats via vote erosion to the Greens.

Paul Flynn

can't disagree with that Patrick. As our crooked election system makes it almost impossible for Greens to be elected, the best hope is to 'green' the parties that will wield power.

It's bad news on that front. the Greenest Tory Peter Ainsworth and the Greenest Labour MP Alan Simpson are both standing down. The Greenest Plaid MP lost his seat last time because a Green stood against. that's the point that a women in the audience made last night about Newport West.

We should be able to rely on a bit of strategic thinking on behalf of the Greens and plaid in calculating which MPs they may dispossess. In Newport West it could well be 'Vote Plaid/Green and Elect a Tory'.

Paul Flynn

You should see the film KayTie. You would then realise how restrained and generous I aam in my description of the nimbies.

Paul Flynn

That was very generous of you Gareth but not your best investment decision if you hope for a return.



This gave me a chuckle, thought I'd share

Kay Tie

"Spoilt, overfed, threatening and selfish they mouthed environmental platitudes while sabotaging a worthwhile green enterprise. "

And they say the Tories are the nasty party. Blimey, you're full of poison today..


The 'age of stupid' might not be so alarming if we didn't have a choice of 'stupid' political parties to elect at this election.

All main parties use the same measure of sucess , ...GDP.

It's this 'stupid' thinking that has put us all in the present mess we are in.

Our goals of materialistic wealth via industrialized life cannot continue.

We would need the resources of Three Earth's to raise everyone on earth to the standard of an average British person.

Yet this is the system we seek to impose on the rest of the world as they are 'primitive' and need 'progress'.

Distinguished Scientists from every scientific field tell us (before they are sacked) we don't have enough time even if we changed direction right now.

This is still not enough for Western Governments to continue in full pursuit of growth, GDP, pollution and climatic devastation.

If you want more GDP and environmental destruction then vote for any of the three main 'stupid' parties because this truly is 'the age of stupid.'


I did try to donate your Tory opponent 1p, but the system, wouldn't allow it. Doesn't he know that finances are tight?

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