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February 19, 2010


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Paul Flynn

AGREE Tony. The most revealing part of my report will be the comparison between the preparations and the outcome of the COE's 47 countries. The UK did more than most, Poland did very little. The outcomes in both countries are very similar.


You said it - dammed if you , doammed if you don't
In these risk averse times I'm not surprised that we went overboard on buying vaccines.
And from a commercial aspect it gives the businesesses a lot of shareholder value if they sell a boat load of vaccines
So I would suspect that it might have been a combination of risk aversion with a gentle reminder of what the electorate would think if they got it wrong .. wads of cash spent and lots of profit ..
You only have to look at the list of poster campaigns we have at work to see just how sheltered we seem to be these days - and god forbid there is a hint of snow .. the building empties ..
Perhaps we have to make judgement calls ourselves instead of waiting to told what to do. I was offered the swine flu jab but based on what I'd read and the death rates being reported I decided not to bother as the reported side effects for someone with asthma seemed not worth it - but it was my call .. perhaps we could all try harder and then we wouldn't be in this position

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