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February 21, 2010


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The extracts I read seemed interesting and your description of Tony Blair as a succubus was a corker. Yours might be the only political book I read this year. I am a reluctant Conservative as I saw from day one what the Blair project was about and allowed my membership of the party to lapse as a result. I haven't seen anything since to make me reverse that decision.

Good luck with the book.


"Tony Blair was the best Prime minister we have had. He held the party together, appealed to middle England and ensured three successful elections."

Just for fun, substitute "Margaret Thatcher" for "Tony Blair" and "She" for "He".

I think that might demonstrate why we badly need PR.


I hate to say it Paul, but I (and others) told you this would happen…

Looking forward to my copy turning up in the post today.


I'm a conservative who despises old-style Tories such as Winterton and Hogg. Nothing to do with age; I'm 70 years old.
I must say though Paul: If the Consthe ex union hackservative Party has dinosaurs, the Labour Party is riddled with them. I'd say that the vomiting Etherington is typical of the long (time?)- serving ex union hacks who clutter your back benches. Not to mention those drab Labour wimmin who come blinking into the light in PMQs. (can they not practise how to read those planted questions?).
I think you'll agree that both sides of the House need a good pruning at the coming election.

Tonypandy Andy

"..distortions and untruths"

- Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much. After a history of reviling the newpaper, Mr. Flynn jumps into bed with the Mail. He meakly acquiesces in their claim that the Mail on Sunday is different from the Daily Mail. He hears Chris Mullins' warnings about the headlines ...and now, egg on face.

- And the first reaction ? To revise the history of the event (as pointed out by D&C).

- As for the future of Classic Labour, it's as a museum exhibit, somewhere near Arthur Scargill. Labour = New Labour = Labour. That's all there is. Get used to it.

Kay Tie

"the future of Classic Labour"

Classic Labour? Nah, if you're following the Coca Cola model, next up is Labour Zero and Labour Light. Followed by Cherry Labour. And all are unappealing.

Besides, how can you have Classic Labour when there are no more miners and steel workers and shipbuilders to strive to build the New Jerusalem (Women Not Admitted)?

Paul Flynn

i have removed my previous agreement on this blog with the extracts the Mail to publish because they might give the impression that I knew the way that they intended to present the items. Of course I stand by every word in the book. But I am very positive about the majority of my parliamentary colleagues, the future of Classic Labour and the Council of Europe. That will be obvious to those who read the whole book. I have never been signed up to New Labour and describe honestly my illusion and dis-illusion with that marketing ploy. But I am very enthusiastic about the new socialism emerging from the clear red water of the party in the Welsh Assembly.
Money was not a factor, I shall not personally profit for the Mail deal. The chance of getting 6 million readers seeing part of the book was the attraction.


you did say you thought your words would be twisted and not represent your books intensions.

you should have followed your instincts and not taken the money.

you've been framed as jeremy beadle would have said and perfect ammo for the tories to use against your own party.


Just read the extracts (I'd missed the vitriol and hate of the Mail on Sunday ..) and I'm not surprised they printed extracts as you pretty much trash the New Labour project .. John Smiths death 'end of the party I had loved all my life' - how do you misinterpret that ? Its consistent with some of the blogs you've posted but it absolute gold dust dust for a Tory supporting paper to portray Labour as divided
Or Balirs decision on the school for his children ' decision was inexplicable and unforgiveable'
Nah, if you wanted to shoot New Labour this is just passing the bullets ..

Mind you I looked elsewhere in the paper and the piece by John Major was a good read as well .. he does spleen and bile very well..

Kay Tie

"filthy, gutter right wing bunch of journalists"

Oh, so right wing is officially a term of abuse amongst those on the left. Just asking because I seem to recall great outrage when it was de rigeur to call you lot pinko commie subversive left-wing scum. And while I won't defend the Daily Mail, I will point out that there's plenty of low-life left-wing journalist scum out there too.

Just for the record, I don't think all left-wingers are scum. There are sincere naifs in the movement (usually young without experience). And there are the cynical self-serving power-hungry scum who Orwell mocked in Animal Farm. Naturally projectile vomiting champagne socialists are of the latter type.


Iain Dale has just written that your book is an excellent read. I share much of his assessement of political books. For example he wrote that John Prescott's book was awful and Cherie Blair's book excellent. Having purchased both books I concur with his analyis. As I wrote above, I do read reviews and this is the first.It looks like I will order.....


You said yesterday that you had seen a draft, and you were happy with what the Mail had selected going to press, as a pretty balanced selection of your books events.
Now those very words have disappeared from this blog, and we're left with a new heading "distortions and untruths".



"The Mail on Sunday's headline presentation of my book is a travesty."

And the suprise is..?

You expected a filthy, gutter right wing bunch of journalists to put a positive headline on your book.

This is the hate mail we are dealing with.

Kay Tie

Come on Paul, you think the tale of an mp's projectile vomiting at an official engagement wouldn't be given prominence? You may be diplomatic, but if half if what the Mail reported is true, it's a scandal. Talk about champagne socialism!


You are not surprised by the Mail surely? The synopsis does not encourage me to buy the book so I will await reviews. I am sure you are disappointed although you have clarified some of the lurid headlines.

I also intended commenting on one of your earlier postings when you critised John Hutton. Just to say that I am a fan of his and of course I believe that Tony Blair was the best Prime minister we have had. He held the party together, appealed to middle England and ensured three successful elections. I regret that the current PM does not have such appeal.

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