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February 22, 2010


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The Krebs experiment gassed , snared ,and slaughtered Thousands of Badgers over a Ten year period at a cost to the British taxpayer of over £50 Million pounds.

At the end of the trial which was chaired by Professor John Bourne the Independant Scientific Group concluded;

"In summary, the ISG conclude that neither the proactive or reactive culling of badgers can be recommended as a means of controlling bTB in cattle. Reactive culling, where badgers were trapped on and around farms where TB outbreaks had occurred, led to an overall increase in cattle TB of approximately 26%. Proactive culling, where the strategy was to trap as many badgers as possible annually in cattle TB hot-spots, resulted in a 23% reduction in cattle TB in the core of the culled area, while there was an increase of similar magnitude on the edge, thus negating any potential benefits over the time and scale of the study. These somewhat counter-intuitive negative effects of culling were explained by what has been termed the ‘perturbation effect’ , which is simply the disruption of the stable social structure typically found in undisturbed badger populations, leading to increased movement and enhanced contact, both between badgers and cattle. Indeed, it is entirely plausible that past culling policies have exacerbated the spread of bTB."

In the seperate case in Ireland the end result was an increase in TB following their own massacre.

The forthcoming cull by Elin Jones only makes sense to the NFU, the vets , and to her own stupid Assembly.

What a great time of year to do it as well.
Badgers will be giving birth between late winter and early spring to then be gassed, snared , or whatever.

What's unique about our present government is that it conducts expensive experiments, employs expensive scientific advisors only to either sack the messenger and ignore the message or both.



The supposed bullying story whipped up by the supposed anti-bullying hotline has been one of the funniest stories to follow in years.

3 or 4 calls from prime ministers office
become 3 or 4 emails
2 from the deputy pms office, none involving brown in any way and to the best of her knowledge may not have been taken any further but denials of bullying so incensed her she felt the need to contact the bbc to say something that may or may not be true and may or may not be relevant.

Even as the sponsors put as much space between her, her lead generating charitable hotline and themselves, the Mrs Pratt still seemingly blissfully unaware of the complete fool she is making of herself starts criticising at least one of the erstwhile sponsors for not having been sufficiently involved.
"Appointing her as a patron was with hindsight a mistake." said Mrs Pratt.

How long do you think before someone points out to her precisely who it is who is coming out very badly from this whole sorry tale.

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