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February 26, 2010


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Vapor King

Many people are switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic. Some of them still have nicotine but don't produce the tar. Hopefully more studies will be done to ensure that these are in fact safe.

Paul Flynn

Thanks very much KayTie - the camera cannot lie but it does flatter. Glad to hear something has improved with age.

Kay Tie

Huw, years ago it was discovered that the factual warnings were too scary to be heeded. The recent ones have focused on more tangible aspects and have been more successful (that one showing arterial fat oozing from a cigarette notably so).

If you want to argue the seriousness of smoking I'm fully in agreement. And I would also ask you to try to give up. It's your choice, of course.


It's bizarre,
smoking is bad for you, we all know this.
Cancers, heart attacks, strokes etc.
As a smoker, I know that smoking reduces my life expectancy.

Bearing all this in mind, is the world so image obsessed that a campaign against smoking predicated on the idea that as a smoker you mightn't look as good as you could in later life would have greater success than ones advising that you won't have a later life.

Surely it has at least some risk of backfiring with people taking up a slogan of
"If you don't smoke, you will get old"

hmmm, is that a pro or anti smoking slogan.
Both I think.

Kay Tie

You look handsome and distinguished now. When you were younger you looked like a politician who couldn't say no to a free dinner! :-)

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