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February 25, 2010


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How many Democrats will stand up for freedom of speech when they try to enact the 'Fairness Doctrine"?
How many will stand of for our right to freedom of speech even though the views talk radio voices are not yours. Isn't freedom of speech more important than quieting the opposition?
Even Clinton was talking about it yesterday, saying it was a good idea.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Gareth. The date of the launch was moved from Friday because it clashed with a Women's Dinner in Caerleon. It's impossible to find a time when nothing else is happening. I'll pop in to Rodney parade on my way back to witness the final triumph.


Paul, off topic, but do you know that your old website old.paulflynnmp.co.uk is demanding a password now? I hope it is still going as it contains some of your first "blogs" from 1997 and 1998.

What prompted me to look was a Guardian story that British Library "UK Web Archive" is planning to archive some MP's website. Since you are possibly the first MP onto the internet/web, I wonder if you should write to Lynne Brindley reminding the library of this, and offering the complete archive!


The British Library is also looking for a Copyright law change to allow them to archive websites with fewer hassles - I'd back that.

NB In a previous comment, I noted some very old posts:

Paul Flynn was I think the first MP to use the internet to communicate with voters in a blogging-type way. A 1997 post is still online even though the datestamp has been lost. In 1998 Paul described himself as a "fully paid-up nerd"!



Oh Paul... your local launch kicks off at the same time as the Dragons v Munster game.

Now if you brought a few books along to Rodney Parade Hall on your way home...

Kay Tie

"The football hooligan was loose in a forum of civilised debates."

Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?

"The reputation of this country for courtesy is damaged."

As much as projectile vomiting after getting drink on champagne?

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