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February 18, 2010


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totally agree with patrick.

there is only one library from duffryn to newport city centre.

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credit where credit's due.

I'm not arguing in this instance what either the Government or Assembly spend money on.

I'm clearly stating that as the Government and Assembly do not generate any money themselves , they only spend it, so why give them the credit for money spent on projects like the library?

Paul's comment was "Thanks to big contribution from the Welsh Assembly".

The Welsh Assemblies contribution was to sign the cheque.They only ever spend other people's money.

It would be far more appropriate to say
'Thanks to a big contribution from the taxpayer the Assembly were able to write a cheque out for the library'.


Its still an either or patrick.
The British government gives the Assembly funds for the issues that fall within its remit, it is then up to the assembly to allocate those funds. The government avoids any responsibility or hostility towards them if funds are cut to this that or the other, because it is a devolved issue.

What the Assembly, made up of our representatives, chooses to fund is therefore something they can be criticised for if in our view they do so foolishly. If they can be criticised for how they choose to assign funds when we dislike their choice then equally they can be praised for how they do so when we approve.

I imagine these next few years are likely to be ones where the funding provided to the assembly will decrease in real terms leading to a need for cuts in funding all across the board. The government will be able to say it is nothing to do with them, so who will you be blaming or crediting if prescription fees come in for example.


The wider point was that the Assembly should not take the credit for funding anything.

The credit for the funding should go to the taxpayers as they are solely responsible for creating the funds.

We all know that the Assembly is effective in spending other people's hard earned.

The new Dyffryn library is funded by the British taxpayer, the Assembly just write the cheque.


patrick it hardly seems reasonable that for funding choices you approve of you deny the Assembly any credit while assigning all blame for those choices you disagree with, however valid your reasons for disagreement.


"Thanks to big contribution from the Welsh Assembly, a new Library has been opened in Duffryn, Newport West."

A big contribution from the Welsh assembly that has every penny given to them from HM Treasury that in turn receives every penny from the British taxpayer.

It always makes me laugh when certain government bodies get the credit for financing projects as if it was coming from their own pockets.

If we did have to rely on AMS funding projects then we would have no infrastructure. On the flip side we would have no badger cull.

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