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February 01, 2010


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Bonecrushing handshakes

Keep up the good work on the above - those of us with arthritis in the
fingers are frequent victims of oafs, almost exclusively males, trying to
make an impression (sic). The nature of my employment involves a lot of hand
shaking and consequently I am often having to explain to guilty persons the
discomfort / pain that their enthusiastic hand gripping is causing. It is
rare that I receive an apology or sympathetic understanding of this often
unintentional assault.


Congratulations on your silver wedding and the book.

As for the bribery isn't this just like BAE Systems - bribery is 'bad' , unless it gets you what you want ?

I think we should just leave 'em to it ..they seem to have a clear view on what they want - its just not what we want ..


Bribe the taliban to ask them to stop winning. Unlikely to succeed at this stage because it sounds like an attempt to stem the tide of insurgent dominance. It would also be very difficult to implement such a scheme.

Presumably the money will pass through Afghan government channels. They are notoriously corrupt and are not really a government capable of carrying out such a scheme logistically. All the reports indicate that the government's reach is next to non-existent whereas the Taliban is the shadow government throughout Afghanistan.

'Without any sense of irony spokesperson of all three major talked about the need to eliminate corruption.'

How does the second most corrupt country become a safe bet to hand £5 billion to in an attempt to fix these problems?

This is just more of the same rubbish, the impression I get is one of a confused clutching at straws.

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