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January 25, 2010


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I think mukhtar has a point but Gordon Brown isn't 74 is he?


0.1% growth eh?.. well its a start .. should I regard that as a unique positioning?


this shows employment law has no teeth.
isnt it time the law was changed so it covered employees the same as employers.
even winning a tribunual doesnt mean you win your job back.
the fines for an employee being killed in work are also rediculous,25k being the average fine for the employer which does nothing to stop bad employers complying with with h&s law.
the easiest way of getting rid of an employee is accusing them of theft,you dont even have to prove the case.this cant be right.


Just a thought on Blair and Brown ..
I think the anger comes out of disappointment. In some ways similar to Obama Blair promised a lot , a combination of a new way of doing things bringing the social justice of Labour while accepting the mixed economy. Seems to me that he failed by not bringing along his chief ministers.
What you got was Brown spending like a drunken sailor while the markets were let rip - and this point we missed both targets. Income inequality has grown, social mobility declined missing the Labour chief goals and the economic management of the economy has been really bad with us spending more than we earnt as a nation - and Blair and Brown are indivisable on that - and that IMAO will do for Labour at the election - they wanted it both ways and hit neither target


لندن بهره برداريهمچنين 74 لندن ينفساد درتلاش مي

سومالي و گفت که Brown Gordon راهشدن سربازان کرزي مقابله افغانستان

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