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January 12, 2010


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Gar Hywel. Trying to impose over night the democracy that the Western World has developed over centuries is certain to fail

Gar Hywel

Too wise! too wise! He will end up as one of the most respected of US presidents. He does it good!

I had a chat with Jimmy Carter a few years ago
in Picaddilly, quite by chance, on his way to his and my bookseller/publisher Hatchards.

What work he has done over the years!

A President should not just be for Xmas!

Dr Abdullah, to whom I sent a post yesterday, the opposition candidate in Afgh, is by the way a Tajik, so he also knows of the overspill effect on central Asia.

Fundamental Islam is the name of the game in the Central Asian states, but so is DEMOCRACY and Freedom.

How can there be a democracy without religious parties (however little you may like them)?

That is the real problem.

Paul Flynn

Reversing the provocative plan to sites American sites on the Russian borders was Obama's best decision.Gar Hywel. He alos had a gp at building trust with Iran.

Gar Hywel

The concern with Iran's nuclear development is one of indirect strategy.

NATO in return threatens to locate a nuke on the Czech republic soil, which would offend many a former Soviet officer from that Republic, Russia's back door.

Russia's down face with the loss of the Soviet Union in 1990 has almost been forgotten with a newly assertive Russia in partnership with China, the huge Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. (SCO)

It's all about potential nukes coming from different directions!


Just because you had trouble buying a loaf at Asda there's no need to go that far!


Russia and the US? We'd give in straight away
France ? Difficult to know
Israel, Pakistan and India - too far away

What threat would we counter with these weapons? French attempts to replace the soggy white loaf with a baguette ?

Hang on, thats OK ..

Paul Flynn

hpyquz, sorry chopped off his final words. They were:

Our independent nuclear deterrent exists to provide us with a response to the kind of blackmail that we could potentially face from other states that are armed with nuclear weapons. I therefore believe that while such threats exist we need to continue to possess a nuclear deterrent.


So what is Bob Ainsworth saying,
we need an independent nuclear deterrent because you only have to look to Iraq to see what happens to ostensible friends and allies of the US if they don't have one?
If so, there is probably a certain element of truth in that.


Turned out nice again ..

On the issue of nuclear weapons you might be interested to see a debate running on the Economist website that asks the question about Irans nuclear program and if we'd we safer if we bombed them to stop Iram getting them

..so far 65+% say no ..

We'll never use our weapons independantly simply because the consequences would be horrific when we are retaliated against ..


"In July last year figures used to plan NHS services predicted that the virus would kill up to 65,000 people in the UK"

Surely this was a missed opportunity?

We could have blamed a mineral rich third world country for this and invaded , occupied and extracted.


"I therefore believe that while such threats exist we...."

Angered by the lack of substance at the Copenhagen summit an Amazonian Indian in the public gallery took Ainsworth out with a well aimed dart through his blowpipe.


"I therefore believe that while such threats exist we..."

don't leave us hanging!

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