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January 24, 2010


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excellent blog ...
could you tell me who is the maximum charge of producing vaccines

Paul Flynn

The 9/11 one is utterly fictitious and I regret spending a few hours examining the empty claims.

The Pharmas beefed up the fear on Swine Flu is not a conspiracy theory. It's a conspiracy - and a profitable one too.


why are you wasting your time chasing conspiracy theories paul?

you ask people not to talk about conspiracy theories and yet over 50% of your topics are about conspiracies:
the afghan/iraq war,pharmacuetical companies,swine flu topics keep popping up.

conspiracies sometimes are the truth
are people to just agree with government response and except whatever they say is the truth.or find the truth.

what is the name of the company that produces the flu vaccine?
what can the council of europe do if they find there was a con by the pharmas?


I puzzled over that one, too.

But if there were more MPs who had the guts to vote according to moral principals rather than following the leadership to advance their careers, then we'd probably be much better off - regardless of which party was in power.

Bet the farm that Brown will resign after the election anyway, so dislike of the current leadership won't be an issue.


Its a true dilemma here .. like the MP .. loath the leader..

Paul Flynn

It was on the new housing development in Tredegar Park named Manor Park. Mostly young couples with their first mortgages or renting for the first time.


out of interest paul where were you chatting in newport and what were the age groups you spoke to.

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