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January 09, 2010


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Laura Bryce

Paul, I like the way you have reported on the day, you have done it justice.

Thanks :-)

As a constituent, I shadowed David for two weeks in November 2006, he went out of his way in those two weeks to make it as fun, diverse, and as interesting as possible for me.
I got to know about his role and approach to his role as MP very well. So I agree, to emulate David's principles and attitudes would be a good and ambitious starter for ten for most MPs.

As you mentioned Gavin, 'those few times had an enormous effect on me' as well. Going to the funeral displayed the amount of other people, too, who also felt this way about David.

Paul Flynn

Thank you very much, Gavin. Anecdotes of this kind on relatively small services build up the picture of David's character and personality. I was amazed at the fortitude and determination of those who stood in respect in the churchyard in a snowstorm. That spoke volumes.

Gavin McDermott

I think you're right, a biography would be fitting and important. Not just as a reference for new MPs, but to provide a model of integrity for all people. That's what I was thinking, standing in the cold outside the church today - he was too good for setting an example for MPs alone.

I only moved into David's constituency in April last year, but I was lucky enough to meet him a few times. Those few times had an enormous effect on me. I still amaze friends and family, in this country and abroad, when I tell them about how, a few months after arriving in the area, I emailed David one Thursday night to tell him about a problem I was having with a development proposal on adjoining land to my property (although not strictly a problem for an MP). David replied, a couple of times, within two hours, and the following afternoon he came round to my house. The first thing he did, after shaking my hand, was to apologise for leading the campaign to have my home listed some thirteen years earlier. A great man and a hard act to follow.

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