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January 11, 2010


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This information helped me in the work I'm doing, I hope to find then updated in order to continue with the project, thank you very much.


Hello, do you have more information about Wodarg's claim that "The vaccine developed by Novartis was produced in a bioreactor from cancerous cells"? Thanks.

Kay Tie

"As I recall, we spent £millions Italy spent next to nothing. The outcomes were similar."

No, as a nation we spent billions. Some of it was hype, some of it was bug fixing, and some of it was a decision to invest in upgrades rather than fix an old system. I have no idea what Italy spent, and I bet you don't either. I suspect it was similar to here and you've merely repeated an urban legend.

Whenever there is a real issue the charlatans are there to scam people. Global warming, renewable energy, various pandemics, electric cars, airline security. On and on it goes. Alas it seems to me that politicians are grease to the wheels of the scammers rather than a brake.

Paul Flynn

Kay Tie, thanks for reminding us of the other great non crisis con/deception/ foul-up of recent times, the Millennium Bug. Tony confirms that the crisis was over-huped. As I recall, we spent £millions Italy spent next to nothing. The outcomes were similar.


I worked for a software firm in 98/99 and I can confirm that the software we touted before then would NOT have run after Jan 1 2000
.. so the Millenium Bug was real , we spent a shed load of money to reduce the effects, it generated a lot of money, employment and software upgrades BUT it was overhyped ..

sounds kinda familar..

Kay Tie

It's very easy to poo-pooh a crisis averted after the fact. No doubt there are plenty here that think Dick Cheney was responsible for the Millennium Bug.


The only good thing to come out of the flu scares was that for a brief, blessed period, more people covered their mouths when coughing and refrained from spitting in the street.

Anything with DR's grubby mitts on can't be good. Go get 'em Paul!

Paul Flynn

Thank you Adam, Tony and John. The experiences you quote are similar to those of many others. I sense that when an objective scientific analysis is done, the story will be one of deliberate and wanton fearmongering in pursuit of profit.
I've attached the excellent Channel Four treatment of the issue.


It is a well known tactic to keep a population subservient and that is to instill panic.

Whether this is about swine flu, skunk cannabis or the war on terror all these ultimately will be found to be less dangerous than crossing the road yet we have spent billions imprisoned our own citizens and killed innocents because of these unfounded fears.

Our Government is disfunctional yet I fear it is just a reflection of the majority of our population. We are perpetually fed fear stories in the media The truth is rarely splurged across our media like that of the scaremongering nonsense that is our daily media diet.


I had flu like symptoms before Xmas and phoned NHS Direct as suggested
I was diagnosed with possible swine flu and given Tamiflu and took it for 5 days
A couple of weeks later my wife felt ill with similar symptoms but decided not to take anything
Funnily enough it took us both about 2 weeks to get completely over the effects of what might have been swine flu (the GP said he could not be sure and unless I'd gone to hospital at the time I would never know)
So from my own experience it was unpleasant but no worse than any previous flu like illness
But what it did do was stop me going for the flu jab this year - I just started to doubt how effective it was and my suspicion that the Tamiflu made no difference
So yes I think that was an element of panic being generated - but that seems symptomatic of people today
- I tried to buy bread in Asda (Cardiff Gate) on Saturday afternoon - panic buying had cleared the shelves .. go figure ..


There is no doubt that Tamiflu and the like are 'laughing all the way to the bank' as you say Paul. The whole thing stunk of exaggeration with the aim of profiteering. The war criminal Donald Rumsfeld has been heavily involved with Tamiflu. They are unscrupulous con-merchants.

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