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December 29, 2009


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Gar Hywel

Cheers P, It is five years out of date but still good value. I'm looking up the key names and places, on the Web, at the same time so that I do have an up to date view.

Here is a shout:


Paul Flynn

Thank Gar Hywel. I'll put the New Great Game on my reading list.

Gar Hywel

'The provocation of the failed bomber trained in the Yemen' If he was. It is surprising what US state security can do with fiction.

I have been reading the New Great Game about politics and Oil power in Central Asia.

I have got most through the book and Afgh has scarcely been mentioned, and yet that is why US forces are in the country.

It is the Caspian sea states which are so problematic in the new Oil and Gas power, politics. Getting the oil and gas from Central Asia to the European markets or to the Med is an extremely complex business of

Many of them now have duplicated routes to avoid local difficulties with one or the other. The entry of China in to the Pipeline market, in a very big way, has added to the complications.

The very rapid industrialization of China which until a few years ago had to be walked across to get anywhere at all, takes some thinking about, and certainly takes US Air base presence, (whether rented or freehold)in a number of Central Asian countries, to protect the interest of US and possibly Nato country interests as well.

If the people who are making pipe line agreements and contracts every few months are aware that there is NO US force to ensure safety then they will laugh at US/European contracts and sell elsewhere; different pipe lines, different contracts, China and not Europe.

The countries between the Black sea and the Caspian are the hotbeds of Islamic fervor but not the focus of Oil politics.

CASPIAN SEA OIL AND GAS is the root cause of all the military and political problems of the region. Without the military presence
not least in Afgh, Gas prices in Western Europe would be astronomical.

Surpising eh?!

We should all attempt to obtain a much deeper knowledge of the rest of Central Asia before saying another word about Afghanistan.


"As we have no independent Foreign policy, our best hope is that the American President will act to justify his Nobel Prize for Peace."

More chance of extracting fresh dung from a wooden horse.

What we can expect is more death and destruction to perpetuate the US agenda.

The US capitalist machine will not stop until it militarily wipes out our entire civilization.

On the plus side this might not happen as together with other superpowers it is fast polluting the planet to a state of complete devastation.

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