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December 24, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Perhaps the best news from the USA is Obama's decision that he will not his powers to interfere with the laws in several states that allow the use of medicinal cannabis. There is strong body of intelligent opinion in the USA that has sensible views on drugs.


The USA has and continues to be the main driver of drug prohibition. A huge self finanacing industry has arisen on the back of this from private prisons to corrupt law enforcement. All finanaced by criminalising large sections of minority groups.
Although all the evidence shows this is ultimately counter productive. To capitulate now would mean exposing the lies and misinformation that we have been fed for decades.It will also mean that we will have to admit that we have imprisoned thousands of our own citizens for no good reason often destroying their livlihood and families just to assert Governments misplaced morals.Be in no doubt ul5t6imately drug prohibition has ntohing to do with reducing harm but everything to do with imposing belief onto a population. Its alright for politicians to have access to their drug of choice alcohol and tobacco but not for an adult to choose an often less harmful drug.

THis may be too big a pill to swallow for our leaders

Paul Flynn

Good debate on Bloomberg TV from New York University that decided by huge margin that the USA are reponsnible for the Mexican drugs wars. It's the USA that provide the illegal market that creates the crime dominated trade.


Actually that might happen - I think I read somewhere that if you legalised prohibited drugs and taxed them then the budget deficit would be gone .. Is that a win - stoned situation ? Merry Christmas , and lets see what 2010 brings

Paul Flynn

We live in hope Kay Tie.
Next parliament, perhaps

Kay Tie

Excellent piece of analysis. It's a pity that the lessons aren't carried into other policy areas (dangerous dogs, knives, guns, immigration, finance, etc.) where emotion continues to set policy.

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