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December 14, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Many thanks MK. That's the highest praise. I do not deserve it. Robin remains a great Icon of mine. For a year or two I served in his frontbench team. The better I got to know him the more I admired him. His death was a dreadful loss to the Labour Party.

Paul Flynn

Agree Patrick. There have been many near miraculous drugs created in my lifetime. The science is pure, inspired and creative. the marketing of the Pharmas is deceitful and greedy.


the only way there will be a chance of long term peace in afghanistan is letting other muslim countries police,train,support and rebuild the country.
this will never happen as western globalists want afghanistans natural resources.

the western globalists dont want other countries to develop as we have done.
the enviroment and terrorism are being used as ways to invade countries,rape their resources and control their populations with puppet leaders.the enviroment to stop them developing as we have done by using the carbon emissions myth to control their growth.

can you trust the bush family who got us into these wars.
the bush family and bin ladens have had a long business freindship.
partners in oil companies,airport building contracts,arms dealers etc they are both major carlyle group shareholders.the biggest arms dealer in the world.making a fortune from these wars.

the family has dealt with the enemy before prescott bush dealt with adolf hitler in ww2.he had companies like the union banking corporation taken from him under the trading with the enemy act.


911 ,the iraq/afghan war,the enviroment myth and the financial collapse were all orchestrated by globalists in america who's aim is a new world order.
one world government,world bank,a military force and one currency.

watch 911 farenheit or 911 the truth and question their findings.they are true but nobody cares.
look at the reasons for going to war in iraq/afghanistan.
it was a lie exposed but still no one cares.
obama the deception and new world order are worth a watch also.make up your own minds


Dear Paul,
I watched your performance on BBC Parliament channel last night and you remind me of the late Robin Cook with your debating skill. I would recommend that you look up Why Afghans Dig Empire Graveyard on the internet. I live in Ireland but I was in the RAF for 8.5 years, 6 months training at RAF St Athan, 2.5 years in Cyprus and the rest of time at RAF Binbrook in Lincolnshire. I enclose a document on US debt. It was written on 2nd November and is out of date. The current debt is $12,093,463,828,068.51 and increasing by 3.82 billion a day. Both the Americans and the British cannot afford to stay in Afghanistan and the only reason they stay is to build a pipeline from Asia through Pakistan in the hope of thwarting Russia and China. I have bookmarked your web site and enjoy the content. It is sad that a nation that has spent between £12 billion and £20 billion on foreign wars cannot afford flood defenses and jobs.


I just wondered why the recent ruling on disclosure of UK involvment in torture was attacked so openly by Milliband?

He seemed to imply that disclosing the evidence of torture of a Guantanamo detainee was against 'the national interest'?

In what way ? Or is it more about a sense of embarrassment about being caught with hands on the electrodes?


"This reflects my life experience since I first had arthritis at the age of nine. Relying on drugs or rest is damaging.
Exercise is the best medicine."

This has worked for you and should be commended. However, there are many people that are only alive due to taking drugs.
There are far too many variables to make a statement as simplistic and incorrect as above.

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