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December 26, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw. You are probably right. The source of this act of terrorism as the Yemen seems now certain. Will anyone acknowledge that the British lie that we are fighting terrorism in Helmand. Other European countries.

How will we deal with threat from the Yemen and Somalia. Another couple of wars?


"How will they incorporate the Detroit event into the fiction that justifies the continuing impossibilist war in Afghanistan?"

The same way they do with the war on drugs.
That is, "the situation would be so much worse if we weren't doing what we're doing"

The opposite of the truth, in other words, they will lie.

It has been well used and has been utterly successful for decades, why try any other tack?


Holfordwatch said: "I wonder if giving ASA, PCC and Trading Standards more teeth might help?"

I think that giving these bodies more teeth (and resources) would help with all sorts of problems with quacks misleading the public and conning them out of their hard-earned cash with claims they cannot substantiate.


Thanks for the post about Dore (it was my complaint which led to the ASA's decision). It's hard to know what to do when programmes such as Dore can be resurrected like this (and continue to get much positive media coverage). I wonder if giving ASA, PCC and Trading Standards more teeth might help?

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