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December 21, 2009


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Geoffrey Woollard

Thanks a million, Paul!

Have a happy Christmas and a very good New Year!

Paul Flynn

Just signed it Geoffrey. Good luck!

Geoffrey Woollard

Thanks, Paul!

Please sign my NoToHareCoursing E-Petition at -


Paul Flynn

Thanks for your encouraging message.

Good luck with your campaign. I hope you gain many votes against James Paice. He deserves to lose votes because of his views on hare-coursing. I like your site.

Geoffrey Woollard

I am with you wholeheartedly on fox hunting and hare coursing and Afghanistan, Paul. Indeed, I am a likely independent candidate against Jim Paice in South East Cambridgeshire. My blog is at -



I like your 'Animal Tormenters for Fun' (ATFF) concept. The group should include the Tories, the Countryside Alliance, and Vote OK - in keeping with the point that bad things come in threes :-)

Drag hunting is legal, the sense of community, pageantry, heritage, and jobs all still intact and yet these sick people can't manage to enjoy themselves unless they are frightening and killing live animals.

For those who support the hunting act, please get your names on the R.O.A.R. (Register Online Against Repeal), an 'all party' list at:

Kay Tie

"I did not realise that the police were able to choose which laws to uphold or not"




I'll indeed try again.

I can think of many reasons not to vote Tory but hunting is simply not a valid one.
More people are Fox Hunting and more wildlife is being killed than before the ban.

I did not realise that the police were able to choose which laws to uphold or not.Perhaps it depends on the number of vets, doctors, police, solicitors and judges that participate.

After all It's far easier to just arrest down and outs or football suporters.


Kay Tie

"make cruelty legal again?'

That's funny. I wasn't aware that the legal form of pest control wasn't cruel.

The whole hunting debate was typical political garbage. Heated cant, just as your voting for Bercow as speaker (who hasn't delivered on any of his promises). By all means play your little tribal games but don't take the rest of us for fools.

Kay Tie

"Thatcher starting recruiting from the private to the public sector."

She must have spent a lot of time interviewing. Gosh, what a busy woman.

The truth is far more mundane, I'm sure.

Paul Flynn

Thanks for your attempts to educate me Patrick.
Could you try again?

If nothing has changed why are the Tories and Animal Tormentors spending a fortune and risking popularity to make cruelty legal again?

Paul Flynn

If you read the thorough report on the PASC website, you will be better informed Duffryn Powell.

Public sectors tops job were paid on a lower level to private ones until 1979. Thatcher starting recruiting from the private to the public sector. Those who transferred from the private demanded their old salaries or higher. That process has continued.

You do not have to be an idiot to understand this. But you do need a grain of intelligence.

Duffryn Powell

"We were told that the rot started in 1979 with the throwing away of controls under Thatcherism."

What kind of idiots do you take us for ?

Do you also need someone to tell you that the Labour government has been in power for over 12 years now, during which period this issue has been allowed to grow exponentially and unchecked. I imagined you would be aware of this...


"The Keep Cruelty History website will soon go live, enabling voters to find out how Prospective Parliamentary Candidates in their constituencies currently say whether they will vote to bring back cruelty."

I have tried to educate you on this point previously. Foxhunting has not changed or ceased in any way since this so-called ban.

The protests about draghunting are smokescreens. Many hunts do both draghunting to appear to be law abiding and traditional hunting on the quiet.

Most hunts have continued unchanged. They have increased their numbers , swelled by the 'rebel' mindset.

Politicians might deal with crocidiled teared snobs that make out they can't hunt anymore.

The reality is that never has there been a time that so many people are hunting.

The police are doing nothing about it.

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