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December 20, 2009


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Gar Hywel

The debilitating effect of the Cocaine trade on the vigor of all people who take the drug, bothere me here, living as I do near a traveller encampment where even the children take the drug, and near which I am even myself pressured to use this foul drug, which destroyed empires in south america.

I have made my report to customs and excise on their methods of importation, but if the pharma industry makes so much money argue the criminal syndicates, why should they not also make such profits?

Go to any town in the Uk and you find Money Laundries in the high street posing as legitimate businesses to pcoess the losses of the cocaine trade in to "good" money.

On the subject of Afgh, there is NO perfect map of the world, least of all of Central Asia, which has undergone many, many, many changes in dominion over several thousand years, swathes of people from West to east from South to north, and back again.

The Caspian sea is currently what determines its geography and the US/Uk determination to dominate it for the purpose of Oil extraction AND transportation.

The Oil is no good if you can't take it anywhere.

In Afgh they are dealing with the potential oil Bandits.

Gar Hywel

This seems to be some comment on Afgh.

Looking at the huge works done in the 19thC to connect the world with itself, by railway, it should surely not be impossible to put a pipeline through Afghanistan to the Indian ocean. Many lives were lost building the railways, far more than the 245 soldiers mentioned. I am not going to suggest that as a good reason for building such a pipeline, but the Transit fees for a pipeline are a major consideration in their building.

As I said, Central Asia today is like the drains in Picadilly circus, even without taking the electricity gas and Underground mass transit in to account.

It could be done. The whole of Western Europe depends on gas and oil pipes from Central Asia today, most of those pipelines
duplicated, so there is a fall back in the event of accidental or deliberate vandalism (?!)

Some pipelines are guarded at all times, which does add to the cost,obviously enough, but that should be no problem in Afgh should it?!

As a strategic goal Central Asian oil and gas down to the Indian Ocean in Pakistan, is considered to be a desirable objective.

Go on someone! Give it a go.

If the People of the UK are blissfully unaware that they virtually have a neo-colony in
Azerbaijan, which does not exist economically without BPAmoco, then that unawareness should surely extend to the people of Afgh and Pakistan, who would benefit handsomely every year, from the Transit fees.

Kay Tie

Paul, I'd like to get your take on this:


The Government is prohibiting people who are not guilty from claiming their defence costs above the pitiful legal aid limits. In a civil case, the loser would pay all reasonable costs (indeed, in the personal injury cases, unreasonable claims). Yet when it comes to fundamental justice - criminal trials - the Government has moved to stack the system further against the defendant.

Did you really join the Labour Party to see this kind of thing happen? I've said it before, but it's worth saying again: the British Government is eternal. From reading history books and the news, it's a nasty eternal government.

Kay Tie

"the bulk of research on drugs is to find profitible me-too drugs."

If more alternatives are available then the first drug becomes cheaper and more widely available.

I don't understand your hatred of the pharma industry. It seems very irrational. You also don't propose an alternative solution that's better.

Paul Flynn

The quote is from Professor Saunders, KayTie

the bulk of research on drugs is to find profitible me-too drugs.

Paul Flynn

I don't believe a word of that story, Tony. It's similar to the demand that a services hospital be closed so that wounded soldiers could have the benefit of specialist treatments in the NHS. the army charities demanded this. the Tories did it. Later Labour were BLAMED for it.
You cannot win. I am sure that this change was made for the best possible reasons,


Here is a comment off ARSE - the Army network service ..

SOLDIERS who suffer “life-changing” injuries in battle will be moved from their regiments to a special unit under cost-cutting proposals.

Last night serving personnel accused the Government of betrayal, claiming the plans would make it easier for cash-stxrapped Whitehall bean-counters to throw veterans “on the scrap heap”.

I hoep that is not true - feels like insult to injury ..!

Kay Tie

"So many new drugs are being expensively developed and marketed even though they are virtually identical to existing drugs."

You wouldn't say that if you had a brain injury and went through a dozen different anti-epilepsy drugs til you found one that stopped the fits and didn't make you dribble.


"The cabinet has long been packed with criminal warlords who should be on charges in the Hague for war crimes"

As long as there's enough room left after arresting Blair and the New-Labour war cabinet.

"The strategy is based on a belief that corruption can be ended. Another collapsing foundation."

There's as much chance of ending Afghan corruption as there is of cleaning up our own nation......none whatsoever.

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