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December 17, 2009


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Valleylad. The difference is 0.17% in12 years ???? You should add the increase in April 2010 which will be the equivalent of 3.9%. That's a 2.5% increase on the basis of a minus 1.4% inflation is September 2009.

Keeping up with wages inflation is more than the Tories did for 17 of their 18 years


Trying to find AEI figures 1997 to date was hard - the NSO website isn't the most user friendly. Using the figures at http://www.scottishlife.co.uk/scotlife/localuserpage.asp?ae_bae=T&page=253 suggests
average pay has increased by 58.23% oct 97 - oct 2009. Pensions by only 58.06%. So pensions have continued to decline slightly compared to average pay - I think that makes B-liar a worthy successor to that woman!

Paul Flynn

We old stagers, Tonypandy, are old enough to remember when Gwyneth Dunwoody was very beautiful.

Paul Flynn

The increase in the basic pension since 1997 has been from £62 to £98. That is an increase of more than 50%. In addition there are the Pensions Credit, Savings Credit, Winter Fuel Allowance, now £250 to £400, plus the trebling of the Cold Weather Payment last year. None of these mentioned in the Redtops.

The increase in the basic pension announced for next year is equivalent to 3.9%. The Tories severed the pensions link in 1980 and effectively cut the basic pension for each of the next 17 years with changes below the top level of inflation.

Got it, Valleylad? Tories cheat. Labour delivers.

Tonypandy Andy

Seems you Labour old stagers go a bit weak-kneed in the presence of "our favourite witness Dame Suzi Leather...successful former Labour party member. and beautiful".

Give me a Gwyneth Dunwoody any time.

Leather is a pure product of Labour patronage, undistinguished prior to her adoption by Blair, and grossly overpaid.

Get a grip on yourselves (metaphorically, of course)


"There is a choice between parties that will give pensioners a reasonable deal and those that will give millionaires a great deal."

I thought both would give millonaires a great deal and screw everyone else! Remind me again how much the basic state pension has increased above wages in the last 12 years? (Means tested nonsenses such as the MIG is just window dressing)

Paul Flynn

Last year Tony, £3.5 billion was spent by British taxpayers on the Afghanistan disaster. It is likely to increase. It's not just in blood that we are paying a disproportionately high price.
The financial situation is grim. There is a choice between parties that will give pensioners a reasonable deal and those that will give millionaires a great deal.


I know that Afghanistan is important, and the work of the PSAC well worth while in calling people to account but again today..

Public sector borrowing hit a record high last month of £20.3 billion, taking the UK’s net debt to 60 per cent of total economic output for the first time.

The deficit levels are becoming huge and I see that debt servicing (never mind repayment) is up from £30bn a year to £60bn so why are we hearing next to nothing from almost every politician about fixing this ?

If the figures can be believed we're not talking about 10% cuts - we're talking 20% in non ring fenced areas of governemnt spending - worth discussing before an election ?

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