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December 18, 2009


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Gar Hywel

I've tried desperately to find real evidence that global warming politics is a political issue and nothing else, in the way that gas guzzle owners insist that it is.

The theory that the defection of communism embodied by national governments of any sort around 1990, saw an end to any good argument for such political theories and that global warming was merely an attempt to deflect attention from this sad fact, can not surely be verified in reality.

The other day somebody verified with certainty that there is ICE below the surface of Mars, so there is also consequently the possibility of creating Oxygen from the H2o.

If we can exercise such control over astrophysical devices, it is surely not entirely impossible that we can also NOT control gadgetry near at hand, on earth, in the way we think we are, and that there is ample evidence for that Non-control?

I make an understatement. It is absolutely blutty certain that we do....not.


Damn those 19th century working-class immigrants (and their descendents) diluting racial purity, eh Dave? How dare people that don't share your cultural and political views take part in the electoral process?

It's a short path from national pride to bellicose nationalism, as several burnt-out parts of ex-Yugoslavia prove. I'm sure certain political parties would be overjoyed to create a version of Greater Serbia-on-the-Wye, it's frankly not my idea of a good time.

Paul Flynn

Not true Dave.
The Welsh language was once the most divisive force in Wales. Now it is a unifying force. The same Welsh is taught in all schools in Wales from Pillgwenlly to Pwllheli.


prince of fools not wales.
we all know how this title since the 1300's has been given to the eldest son of the english monarch and is just another reminder of englands control over this country.

we did have our own welsh royalty,history and cultures but the english soon eradicated that with the sword.

english dominance was further cemented with the mass immigration of the english,irish,scotish in the 19th century during the industrial revolution. welsh people have really had no say in the running of their country since then as the foreign voters have out numbered the welsh.

even today the english and migrant vote in wales will always keep us under english control due to greater numbers.

today in schools welsh history and culture isnt taught and even the welsh language is only taught to a minority in welsh schools.
most kids will never be fluent in welsh or know anything about welsh history and culture.
celebrating st davids day and welsh cakes seem to be the limit of welsh culture these days.which is about as welsh as croissant

the oldest language still spoken in europe and its people under foreign occupation longer than any other race.a travisty for so called english democracy.

welsh politicians are happy being serfs to the english and keeping its popualtion under english control.


"The next few days will reveal what hope there is for a future agreement."

The hope that people had waited for years was Copenhagen.

The hope the American people voted for now has his hands, feet, and mouth firmly restricted by the congress and senate.
The Obama dream has thus far resulted in continued pointless war ,increased troops, a severely diluted, hot aired , non legally binded joke environmental statement.

The Japanese celebrated with champagne at not having to comply with restrictions.

This is no longer a climate crisis.
This is simply a political crisis!

Paul Flynn

This is one of the subjects on which Prince Charles has been correct.

The Copenhagen mess is a blow. The next few days will reveal what hope there is for a future agreement. the shock of this failure may bring the world to its senses.


With predictable short-sighted arrogance the west have produced political leaders that are only of use as mouth pieces for corporate and fossil fuel industries (just see Copenhagen).

Prince Charles has a keen interest in the environment. I've heared his on-going sensible speeches on sustainable living, organic farming as the way forward and concern for GW and the future.

It's a welcome distraction from New Labour's concrete loving, airport expansions , and war policies.

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